BLK 513 Opens in S Maison Conrad Manila

Finally! I was able to experience what BLK 513 was all about and it couldn't come at a better time because BLK 513 has just opened their newest branch in S Maison Conrad Manila. For those who don't know yet, BLK 513 is the first frozen yoghurt place that offers frozen yoghurt that's enhanced with activated charcoal. Made of premium gluten-free yoghurt imported from the U.S.
So, what is this activated charcoal? Definitely not the same as the one you use on your BBQ, but it's a special kind of charcoal that's heated to create millions of nooks and crannies where toxins are later on trapped for easier removal from the body. It sounds so geeky but believe me, BLK 513's Dark Skim yoghurt contains millions of activated charcoal particles, pro-biotics and other nutrients that helps rid our bodies with toxins. It also helps lower bar cholesterol levels and promotes a healthier digestive and immune system. Not that we got all those words out of the way, let's go ahead and see how we order this healthy treat.
Just like most of the people on earth, when you don't know what to get and then presented with a lot of choices, the more we don't know on what to choose. BLK 513 also have some default mix of choices for those who don't know what to get. But to those who would want to explore, I'll do my best to break it down for you. 

At BLK 513, you can enjoy their Dark Skim yoghurt in two ways, Cup of Cone. Now every order comes with a choice if one free crunch. For me, my favorite is their newest crunch, the rain forest.
You also get to choose one fruit (I usually go for mango, kiwi or strawberry) and a handmade signature sauce (go for matcha). The cup version will give you more yoghurt and an addition of one more fruit. 
Now this is something awesome. This is the Ultimate Vegan Brownies. No Eggs and No Dairy. New level froyo toppings for your Dark Skim or Super Skim Cup. 
Those looking for a tasty and healthy snack, you'll love their Valrhona Vegan Granola. They also have the soft-baked Valrhona Vegan cookies which are really good.
They have just launch their Super Skim cups. It is a vanilla-infused frozen yoghurt that tastes just like ice cream. Right now they have two flavors, the Matcha Skim and the Mocha Skim with Coffee Jelly

Not only do they look good, they taste good too! :)

Now, I encourage you all to embrace the dark side and do your body some good. Visit BLK in SM Megamall, SM North EDSA and S’Maison in Conrad Hotel today. For more information, you may call 987-7633 and follow @blk513ph on Instagram and Facebook.

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