What Filipinos Need to Know about Glutathione

I've always been skeptical with other medicines that are a bit foreign to me, Glutathione included. It has been rumored to give gastrointestinal pain, skin allergies and other negative effects, but these are just rumors and not really confirmed. That's why during the event of VIDA NutriSciences held at Hotel Jen last August 7, together with Japan's Kohjin Life Sciences, they held a press conference to educate and deliver new knowledge and clarified.

Mr. Yusuke Sauchi & Ms. Hitomi from Kohjin Life Sciences with Dr. Wataru Aoi, Medicine Associate Professor from Kyoto Prefectural University discussed us the benefits and contents of what goes in to Glutathione and what makes it a really good antioxidant.
Ms. Hitomi Ito
Dr. Wataru Aoi
Yeap, it's also been found to detoxify our liver and overall body of harmful toxins. Of course we all know the popular effects of glutathione which lightens the skin, helps attain the flawless complexion and also helps maintain a healthy liver. So drinkers, better take this one to help keep a healthy one. :)
Aside from all these,it is also an effective immunity booster against deadly diseases such as AIDS,cancer, diabetes and even cardiac disease. In addition, Glutathione also helps keep our physique in shape and improves male fertility by providing needed nutrients for the sperm.
Representative from VIDA and Kohjin shares that they will continue in pursuing their campaign to educate and spread knowledge, break myths and raise awareness on the benefits of glutathione. They will also make sure that glutathione supplements will be more accessible for Filipinos who's in pursuit of health and wellness.
For more info on their products, visit their site www.vidanutriscience.com and their facebook pagewww.facebook.com/SnowGluta/ . If you want to share your journey and let them know of your progress, you can also follow and tag them on Instagram @snowwhitening and Twitter@snowgluta

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