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Masflex Celebrates 25 years in the Philippines!

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That's silver for you! 25 years in the business only means you have what it takes to stand the test of time. Quality performance and a trusted brand, Masflex has been giving satisfaction to chefs, housewives and basically everyone with their houseware, cookware and kitchenware.
For years now and at some point, Masflex products has been a part of Filipino homes. Being a country who loves to eat and cook, Masflex products has been helping Filipinos to deliver amazing cooking result and presentation. Just check out the wide range of products that Masflex has on display during their event at the Le Pavillion in Metropolitan Park.
Masflex also introduced their brand ambassador, Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen who's also familiarly known as the "Adobo Queen" of the Philippines. A food writer, multi-media personality, editor, food stylist, food show host, home cook, Filipino food advocate, home cook and a healthy food advocate just to name a few, Nancy shares to the those who attended the event how proud she is to be representing Masflex. As a person who loves cooking, there's no better partner in cookware & kitchenware other than Masflex. With it's complete line of different wares, surely Filipinos and aspiring cooks can easily learn and cook and serve their favorite dishes with Masflex products.
During the event, Nancy also cooked some of her favorite dishes like the Rodrigo's Roast, Mommy Nena's Kinulob, Lola Mereng's Adobo sa Beer, Bibingka Ube and crepe cake. Coming from a clan who owns Aristocrat Restaurant, it really shows that Nancy has this culinary passion in her.
To those who may not know, the MASFLEX brand was introduced in the Philippines in 1989 as a cookware brand. During those times, it was either the very expensive global brands or the locally made scrap material cookware that was available in the country. Seeing the limited options for Filipinos on cookware, MASFLEX saw this opportunity and made a range of affordable products with a standard of quality. There, the name was born. MAS for the Mass Market segment that the brand was trying to reach out to and FLEX for the flexibility of the brand. Not just that, the brand also provides innovative solutions that were both affordable and of good quality for the Philippine market.
So to MASFLEX, cheers to more years! Continue bringing new innovative solutions in the cookware industry.  For more information and updates about Masflex, you may visit the following: Facebook: Website:

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