Oishi Continues the Fun with their Snacktacular 2016 Event

Attended the Oishi Snacktacular event earlier today. Check out the photos below. The #OishiSnacktacular2016 started today until July 17, at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.
They have the fun booths which they also had last year, you can make your own snack, try the Smart-C slush, pill up your bag in the Snack Shack, chill in the O-Twirl booth and Oishi Snack Catcher. And they also have a new game there called the Cuckoo Buster! Let me give you a tour of the place.

First up is their photobooth! Basically you're inside the Oishi Prawn Cracker have your photo taken and you get points depending on how many people you fit in inside the photo booth.
Next is the Oishi Make Your Own Snack booth. Here you get to choose the two Oishi snacks you like and also choose two flavors.
One of my favorites has to be the Oishi Slush C+. Calamansi and Pomelo slushies for the win.
This one is a fun one, you're given 60 seconds to fill your bag with Oishi snacks! You need to make sure that you seal your bag properly and everything inside is yours!
Tetris themed booth releases a Choco Chug Twirl.
The biggest booth setup there is the Oishi Snack Catcher. They strap you in to a harness, lift you an drop you in this huge pool of snacks! Then lift you back up so you can drop it in this bin below. Anything you grab and drop is yours.
They have this new activity booth called the Cuckoo Buster. Here a machine will be throwing 40 balls and all you have to do is catch as many as you can while wearing the Cuckoo outfit! 
There's also an area there where they show Oishi snacks that are only released in other countries.
After going around, I was able to complete the activities and claimed my free shirt!
After a while, the hosts of the event, Ramon Bautista also introduced their Team O members. Slater Young and Alex Gonzaga.
A few minutes later, with the cheers and shouts of the fans, the hottest love team of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardp came out. (photo grabbed from Kumagcow)
It was a fun-filled day! Thank you Oishi! I've enough Oishi snacks to last me a week! Yes, a week!
Maine Mendoza will be there on Sunday! So if you want to experience all of these and want to meet your Team O members, visit the Oishi Snacktacular at SM Mall of Asia! See you there! #OishiSNacktacular

Here are more photos during the event.

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