Conquer Adventure with Shell V-Power Nitro +

Shell V-Power Nitro+ took us out for a road trip with fellow bloggers one fine day, giving us the regional explorer and a neighborhood wanderer experience. Our destination was Sandbox in Porac, Pampanga and the group were excited to try out the activities Shell had for us.
Powered by the Shell V-Power Nitro +, I got to drive the Mazda CX-5 Crossover SUV which is also known for its fuel efficiency. I was supposed to just drive until the first stop but decided to drive all the way to Sandbox because a new car smelling Mazda powered by Shell is just irresistible to drive. Travel was smooth and the drive was like a walk in the park. 
The idea of the road trip was for us to experience the benefits and perks of gassing up with Shell. You may be a Regional Explorer or a Neighborhood Wanderer, Shell has offers for you to stay connected with friends and family when you go on a drive. How? Simple, simply gas up with Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels, Shell FuelSave Gasoline, Shell FuelSave Diesel, and selected Shell lubricants to earn and enjoy your prepaid and postpaid perks from your chosen telco.
All you have to do is purchase any of the following until July 31, 2016 to avail of the free P30 load.
Shell Quality Fuels· Php 1,000 Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline, Racing, or Diesel
· Php 1,500 of Shell FuelSave Gasoline
· Php 2,500 of Shell FuelSave Diesel
· Php 10,000 for PO Customers
Shell Lubricants
· 1 liter of Helix Ultra, Helix Ultra D, Advance Ultra, or Advance Scooter Ultra
· 2 liters of Helix HX7, Helix HX7D, or Advance AX7
· 4 liters of Helix HX5, Helix HX5D, Rimula R4X, Advance AX5
· 6 liters of Rimula R1
We arrived at Sandbox and immediately we headed to the activities and some games.

Can you tell that we had fun? Haha! Truly the last few days of summer was best shared with friends and others, may it be with constant communication or interacting online and even better, sharing it on a road trip. Now made even better with the rewards that Shell has not to mention their premium performance fuels.
The Sandbox Squad.
Myke, Earth, Nicole, Ana, Chin Chin and Pax! 
After the regional explorer activities, we had lunch then we headed back to Manila for our Neighborhood Wanderer pampering. No, I didn't drive back as I wanted to sleep, actually all of us were asleep, after all the activities we had no better way to end the day with a bit of pampering.
The crime scene, The SPA at BGC. It was nice that Shell had this set up for us after a day full of activities. The massage pampered us really good and we ended the night with a nice dinner at Mango Tree Bistro.
So what about you? Are you a regional explorer or a neighborhood wanderer? What ever you are, be sure to fuel your road trips and friendships with Shell V-Power Nitro+. To help you out here's a guide to help you decide on your travels.

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