Shore to Door Seafood Freshness from FreshOnlinePH


Let me ask you, where you you get your seafoods? Your nearby supermarket? Your usual wet market? Let's say you've been going to these places for years and they are already trusted places, but can you be really sure that it's fresh, clean and affordable? Well FreshOnline assures you of that and more. The company is a partnership of Jef Marciada, GM of Jump Digital PH and Eleen Kee, Co-founder of FreshOnline.PH.
FreshOnline is a merge of digital and outstanding service of providing quality and affordable seafoods to Filipinos. Their selection includes fish and seafoods that are not readily available in the market because of their size, like abalone, black tiger shrimps and sashimi scallops. FreshOnline also have products that are ready to be served! Making it more convenient for customers to serve the food. Choices like sashimi octopus, teriyaki salmon, giant squid and cooked shrimp to name some.
One thing I liked about FreshOnline.PH is that they serve products that are not available locally, or should I say hard-to-find. Even if you do, it's going to be a bit hard on the pocket. FreshOnline is a great platform to make these hard-to-find products accessible and affordable. How about some boston lobster, shiny rock lobster and red grouper? Yeah?
The freshest catch, from shore to your door, FreshOnline makes sure that the food is handled well and gets delivered to you fresh! Oh and did I mention already? They are affordable. FreshOnline will break the perception that seafood is pricey, simplifying the distribution chain from storage, transportation and distribution bringing the seafood directly to you.
So if you are craving for a particular seafood, FreshOnline has more than 50 kinds of seafoods for you. No more waking up early and go to the smelly wet market to get that fresh seafood. All you need to do is unpack it and cook! 
What's so awesome about this service is that, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact them within 24 hours of the delivery and they will make it right for you and maybe give you a refund. Amazing customer policy huh? Well, why don't you sign up now and 

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