Bavin Type-C cable Saved my Draining Huawei P9


What do you do when you leave your smartphone charger at home? well, you borrow from someone. But what if your charger cable isn't the typical Micro USB and it's the new and upgraded version type C? Yes, it's the new thing.. No It's not a fad. My new Huawei P9 uses the Type C cable for its charging and data port.
Well you pray, you go offline, stop using it's data and go for power saving. But I can't. I just can;t do that. That's what happened to me when I arrived at the office. Good thing I am near Mall of Asia, I decided to check out their new Cyberzone there on top of the Hypermarket. It's big, new, it's cold and everything there looks good. It must be a default at that moment, because I went straight to CDR-King. Knowing that they have all sorts of stuff, and I thought that I would be cheaper and will only be using it just for that day. So why not right? Well, they don't have Type-C cables. Not yet.

Went around some more stores, asked around and same results. They don't have the type-c cable. Then we saw the Huawei store. Yey! Mothership to my P9! BTW, they have a big trade-in promo for their latest device on Saturday & Sunday. Check out my post right here

Anyways, I asked if they had accessories or type-c cables for my Huawei P9 and they say that they didn't have one yet. Was a bit disappointed but hey, what are you gonna do? The accommodating staff there directed me to two more shops just across them and I saw this gadget kiosk, Remax which sells cables, chargers, case and other accessories.

I asked if they had type-C and the sales lady said that they have. To my delight I asked to test it and see if my phone charges when plugged in. It did and I couldn't be more happier. It's a bit pricey at P 399 from the regular cables that we buy, but this brand, Bavin is a decent manufacturer (i guess).
Been using if for 3 days now and no signs of it being defective so I guess the P 399 was pretty worth it. Now I don't have to worry or I have to stress my self in bringing my charger everywhere I go. Now I have two! So thanks Remax & Bavin!
So I hope that you find this helpful just in case you guys are looking for a decent store who's selling type-c cable. Well here you go!

If you want to know more about Type-C USB, check out this link and more info on why you should switch to type c here. Just to give everyone info, aside from the new Huawei P9 who has the Type C port, other manufacturers are also moving in to the future. 

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