Oxygen x Billboard Collaboration


Yeap, that's right. Renowned Fashion and Lifestyle Brand partners up with the World's leading Music Publication. Now this doesn't happen everyday. A local brand collaborating with one of the most influential force in music and fashion.

Billboard has been the world's premier source for trends and innovation in music. Take that concept into a fashion piece then you have yourself a collection. That's what's going to happen with this partnership. The Oxygen x Billboard collection aims to help today's youth to experience, discover and celebrate their passion for music and fashion.

The partnership was officially launched in Trinoma Activity Center where they setup a pop-up store with their newest collection, a photo-op set up where one can express themselves and also their creativity. The event also had upcoming bands and local DJs.

There was so much happening around that place. Every spot seemed to be an Instagram worthy space. They had an area there where you can listen to the current top billboard hits

“Oxygen has always believed in allowing everyone to live their passion,” shares Jeff Bascon, Oxygen Brand Director. “All efforts of the brand have been geared towards encouraging people to move out of their comfort zones and do things that allow them to leave a mark, to make a statement. The same ideology is what made us push forward with this project with Billboard. We are very honored to be associated with such a respectable international organization that has paved the way for so much innovation in the global music industry.”

The Oxygen x Billboard collection features items for everyday use, including graphic tees, pullovers and accessories like caps and bags. The designs, which take heavy inspiration from the rock and hip-hop genres, come mostly in black and white, save minimal pops of color here and there for select items, and scream of New York street fashion.

Billboard is known for being very meticulous when it comes to choosing partners and Oxygen has become one of the very few companies in the world that was able to do it. I personally can express enough how proud I am for a local brand to have reached this association with such a respectable international organization.

Here are some shots taken at their cool photo booth. :) Hellow Ordnusa Cadness! Below is a photo with Krizzy Cruz of ARC and Shaira Luna who's an amazing photographer.

The Oxygen x Billboard collection is now available at all Oxygen branches. For updates and to know more about Oxygen, visit oxygenfashion.com, like Oxygen Clothing on Facebook or Follow @oxygenclothing on Instagram and Twitter.

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