Hi-Top's Sweet Treasure


Awesome things do come in small packages. Proven and tested,  put a stamp on it kind of thing when one sweets & desserts connoisseur stumbled upon a treasure in Quezon City. "This was delightfully yummy!!!" shared Dr. Elaine Maceda, referring to the popsicle.

"I found it neatly stacked with other Korean ice cream classics. I decided to try something new. I couldn't understand what was written on the packaging, it had mixed berries on it and I thought, 'eh, this might be good'. She explained. 

"When I opened it and took my first bite... I paused... closed my eyes-- White chocolate-strawberry coating with delicious creamy blueberry ice cream inside... Heaven! πŸ˜πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‹" she added. Our connoisseur said shefinished the whole thing in under 3 minutes. She said she almost went back immediately after finishing the ice cream. When asked what she thought of the Korean Ice Cream, she shared "Definitely going to my fave list" 

Now to Korean ice cream lovers out there, if you know what she's talking about, or have a photo of the wrapper, so share it with us. If you guys would like to try this Korean Ice Cream and is around Quezon Avenue, visit Hi-Top supermarket. 

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