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Axe has just launched their Axe Black campaign this year with the Axe Black Concept Stores. Similar to last year's Pop-up Bar series, it was hosted by the different ambassador for three consecutive months. This year, the Axe Black Concept Stores will be operational for one weekend only in each of June, July and August, and will be hosted by three new ambassadors with styles that are distinctly their own: top DJ Nix Damn P, lifestyle blogger David Guison, and up and coming actor Arjo Atayde. 

The launch gave the guests a sneak preview of what people are going to expect on each of the concept store. Each ambassador's concept store is unique and will sell a range of products that they feel are representative of individual style. Out of the ten being curated, five of these will be chosen to be sold via the special AXE store in Lazada. 

Focusing on fashion, fragrance, and grooming, this year’s campaign seeks to appeal to the many sides and styles of the understated man, showing them that the light and refined scent of Axe Black can complete their total look. Whether he may be a bit dapper, underground, or more into athleisure, he still subscribes to the notion that less effort means more style. 

During the launch, Axe also introduced the latest Axe girl - Coleen Garcia. I would have to agree on this one, this girl embodies the characteristics of an iconic Axe woman. “I’m so happy to be part of the Axe family because I really believe that a guy’s scent says so much about him,” shares Coleen. “I like a guy who wears a subtle, but notable scent, because it tells me that he has an effortless confidence about him.” 

If you're not familiar with the Axe Black scent, it has a light and refined scent. It is the fitting complement for guys who believe that demanding attention isn't always the best way to be noticed. Guys whose quiet confidence and refined tastes make them stand out. #LessEffortMoreStyle.

So how do you determine the winner of the Axe Black Concept Store series? The Axe Black Council including endorser Bamboo, last year’s winner Frank Magalona, and newest Axe girl on the block Coleen Garcia, will vote on concept, digital mentions and sales to determine the winner.

During the launch, guests were also treated to an array of dishes and drinks from Smith and Butcher. There were also various stations where attendees could complete their #LessEffortMoreStyle look – the Grooming Hub, where they could touch up their ‘dos; the Shoe Care Station, where they could get a shine or buff from Mr. Quickie; the Style Corner, where they could find out what sartorial pieces suit them best; and the Fragrance Bar, where they could view holographic images projected on an Axe can, and of course, try Axe Black for themselves. 

The Axe Black Concept Store Series shows that whatever your style, Axe Black is the perfect fragrance to complete it. Now, if you're asking me on who I'm rooting for, it's definitely David. Let's go bro! 

For more updates on the upcoming legs of the Axe Black Concept Store Series, log on to AxePhilippines.com and follow @AxePhilippines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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