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April is here and summer is just around the corner, it's closer than you think. Now with all different types of food readily available, we don't really have all the time to choose what we eat because of our fast paced lifestyle. We just order food by delivery or buy something that is more convenient like fast food and that right there, ruins our diet.

Diet doesn't necessarily mean losing weight but it's really more about eating right. At first I was skeptical in going for the daily meal plan but to my surprise, it's more convenient that I thought.

Even though meals are provided on my work, I've grown tired of the food so most of the time I opt to buy and order food from outside and choosing what to eat always limits me to fast food. Sometimes I eat lunch in the afternoon because work is just so busy and that happens most of the time, not to mention I don't usually have breakfast. 

When I started using Delicious Diet, not only did I eat on time, but the food that I'm eating actually has nutrition. They have breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner marked on their food containers so it would be difficult for your to miss out on your meals.

I wouldn't recommend eating while driving but you can when traffic is bad on the way to your destination.

For only P 1,800 for 5 days, or P 360 / day or P 180 / lunch or dinner (think of it as free breakfast and afternoon snacks) you get healthy weekly diet service delivered at your doorstep. You can have your meals delivered to your office or at home. Morning or Evening delivery.

They will deliver your food on a daily basis, so you are assured that food is delivered fresh. I asked mine to be delivered in the evening of the night before so that I can bring them the next day to work. You can also have it delivered to your office on the day. Either day or night, there's no specific time of delivery. 1,200 calories a day of healthy and delicious meals! 

Oh and they deliver free within Metro Manila. If you want more info, visit their Facebook page, email them at or text them at 09088797915. You may also follow them on Instagram to stay updated on their week meal plan and upcoming meals.

What about you? Do you have a meal plan service like Delicious diet? I recommend you try their service and taste the difference.

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