Guilt-free options at Pizza Hut


Savour the bounties of the earth completely guilt-free this Lenten season. Pizza Hut, the country’s leading pizza brand, offers you a collection of hearty dishes from now until March 29. 

Tuck into a light and easy Crab Salad Roll. It’s the perfect combination of meaty crabsticks, cool cucumber and crunchy lettuce, wrapped in rice paper and topped with delicate sesame soy dressing.

Sink your teeth into the home-style comfort provided by a Fish ‘n Chips Platter during this annual celebration. Fried to crispy perfection, swipe breaded fish fillet fingers and American-style fries on both salty garlic and chunky tomato dips. 

Welcome the goodness of Spaghetti Shrimp Garlic and Mushrooms, which features spaghetti, shrimp and mushrooms sautéed in rich garlic-butter sauce. 

Enjoy a Veggie Lovers Supreme Pizza, available in Hand Stretched Pizza, Pan Pizza and Stuffed Crust Pizza variants for both dine-in and delivery. With crunchy bell peppers, heady mushrooms, chunky onions, and juicy pineapples laid above a double layer of mozzarella cheese, you’re sure to experience finger-licking delight. 

For those staying at home, you can have Veggie Lovers Supreme or Cheese Lovers Pizza in Hand Stretched Pizza, Pan Pizza and Stuffed Crust Pizza variants delivered right to your doorstep. Make sure to try your pizza of choice with freshly-baked Garlic Bread and Slingers for a filling meal. 

Try these and other hearty dishes only from Pizza Hut. Visit the official website or check the official Facebook page at You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @PizzaHutPhils, or simply call 911-1111 (Metro Manila) today! 

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