Globe Wanderland Experience is One for the Books

Written by Jamielle Bae Fielding for
Three light years ago, Wanderland sky rocketed and made wanderers gather to celebrate music and arts altogether. After creating and establishing a planet of loyal wanderers, Wanderland is back to bring another wonderful event.

I've attended music festivals before but never Wanderland. I guess I just didn't have the opportunity to do so. But this has always been top on my list. I've heard so many good stories about this event. And so when I heard and found out that finally I can attend the event, I almost got teary-eyed.

I went on with my friend and expected nothing but good memories and fun experience to bring home. And I wasn't disappointed.

Last March 05, 2016, wanderers came together at the Globe Circuit Events Ground. Despite the Manila heat people came through and filled the events ground at around 12nn.

The youth, young-at-heart, yuppies, hipsters and those who appreciate music and arts started to mark their own territories to get the best view of the stage.

The thing about festivals is that you have to be early to get a good parking space and to reserve a good spot. Unfortunately my friend and I arrived late. Well, what else could be the reason for this misfortune--- traffic.

We arrived just in time for The Naked and Famous. (I was actually looking forward to hearing Jess Connelly and Cheats) but oh well --- traffic. Anyway, we squeezed in the crowd just so we can get a good view of the stage and the artist. You can definitely tell that everyone was having fun and that they are in their element.

After The Naked and Famous' set, we lined up to get our beers. Man was it hard! All beer stations had crazy lines so we had no choice but to suck it up. While we were in que, I saw friends from way back. Seriously after not seeing each other for almost three years max, I never imagined I would see them there. Proved that it's always good to catch up with old friends.

Luckily, a friend told us that we would need to load up our wrist bands. Wait again, yes wrist bands as this would be our mode of payment. At first, I thought, what a hassle. Before I could drink beer or even water, you have to fall in line again and have it loaded up then fall in line again to get your beer. Again, what choice do we have.

After almost an hour of lining up finally it's our turn. My friend and I got two beers each. If only I could carry at least 3 beers with me I would. And then afterwhich I realized how convenient it was for us to just tap our wrist bands to pay. No need to get your wallet and put the change back to your wallet and put it back again to your bag. Festival life would be so much easier if we payment would be a tap away. Thanks to Globe's NFC cashless payment!

Aside from a having a fantastic line up, the festival also has sights and activities that everyone can enjoy--- ukelele, live art, trampoline, Zorbit and area where you can buy daisies. Hey, you can even send your friends and yourself a Postcard.

And of course who will forget the most anticipated part of the event, Bon Iver and Death Cab for a Cutie. Thank you so much Wanderland friends for bringing such amazing band to the country. Regardless if there were small bumps in the event, we were there to celebrate music and arts. And it didn't fail. This year's Wanderland Music Festival was definitely one for books.

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