What You Need to Know about Sports Scholarships for Students


When you have a child who displays a lot of talent for a particular sport, it is not untypical for a parent to see that talent as a way of cutting the cost of attending college. College fees are pretty high, and for students from families on a low income, college may be beyond their means. A scholarship is one way of cutting the costs of education, and if you have above average athletic ability, a sports scholarship could be a smart move. So what do you need to know about sports scholarships and is a sports scholarship right for your son or daughter?
Not All Scholarships Are Equal

Don’t assume that a sports scholarship is going to cover the cost of a college education in full, or even for the entire duration of the course. There are very few colleges that offer full sports scholarships; most split the awards into smaller bursaries in order to attract a greater number of talented sportsmen and women. You may also have to reapply every year for the next tier of funding, which can put extra pressure on students.

There are only four sports where students can receive full funding: football, women’s volleyball, and men’s and women’s basketball. In all other cases, only partial scholarships are available.
Look for the Best Scholarships

Since you will be applying for a sports scholarship in a particular sport, look for the college that offers scholarships in this particular discipline. In actual fact, there are relatively few sports scholarships available to college students and you may have more success in applying for an academic scholarship instead, but if you need more information on which colleges offer specific sports scholarships, click here

Market Your Skills
Don’t assume coaches are going to know who you are. There are thousands of students playing sports in the US, so it pays to be a bit proactive if you have your heart set on a particular university. Find out who the coach is at your chosen college and contact them directly. Social media is useful in this regard. You can upload videos of your best sporting achievements and send the coach a link. If you are lucky, this will be enough to get them to notice your talent.
Consider Division III Colleges

Division III colleges don’t routinely offer sports scholarships, but they do offer scholarships based on merit or academic achievement, so it is worth considering these smaller establishments if you want a better chance of success. 
Be Realistic

It is important to be realistic about a child’s sporting prowess. There are lots of extremely talented individuals, so it won’t be easy to secure a sporting scholarship at a top college. But if you think you have what it takes, it surely doesn’t hurt to try your luck. And if you don’t succeed, consider going for an academic scholarship instead. 

Sporting scholarships put a lot of performance pressure on students, and at the end of the day, college students are there to earn good college degree. But if you are successful, it is a great way to secure college funding.

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