Petron Collectibles - Batman v Superman


Here we go! Have always been a fan of gas station promos, not only are they of decent quality but I think they are a bit of a collectible. Coming this February 25, Petron will be revealing their newest promo, this time in partnership with the upcoming #BatmanvSuperman movie. The gadgets will be available in select Petron stations only.

Batman will be a USB hub. I'm not sure what it will do or how useful the USB hub will be, or how many ports there is but if the quality is decent, it would be something that is nice to have on your work desk. People will now think you're cool.

Superman will be a digital clock. Maybe because he's always late? or super early? but a clock. Yes, not sure what good this would do. We now have phones and we have watches that we wear. Not sure how this will be useful. Maybe it has an alarm that is as loud as your mother nagging you about the dishes and taking out the trash or maybe it glows in the dark and you can tell time when it's dark. (Not that's an awesome super power)

What I hope is that each gadget / toy is bigger that 6 inches. I don't mind paying a little premium for good quality busts. Petron has only released 2 designs for now, the Superman clock and the Batman USB. Who do you think the other 2 will be?

If you want to check out some of my Petron collectibles, check out the links below.

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