My Azalea Boracay Experience


This is Azalea, your new home in Boracay. Conveniently located at station 2, now operational and currently in its finishing stages. Set to finish the additional room by summer of 2016. The place is huge, service is amazing and the rooms are uniquely beautiful. We got to stay in this place for a couple of days during our stay in Boracay.

If you book with Azalea, their representatives will be waiting for you at the airport and will be assisting you with your luggage and take you to the hotel. Be sure to book your flights via Air Asia when going to Boracay. Read more about our experience with Air Asia here.

Let me guide you through our trip during our first day ni Boracay. When we arrived at Azalea, we grabbed a quick bite at their resident restaurant Kuya J and headed to our room. Second photo below are the bloggers at work.

Azalea Leadman on a break. When I am not working for Azalea, I travel. With me is our guest, Ruth Dela Cruz. Haha! Kidding. Coincidentally, I am wearing the same color as our friends from Azalea. Mental note, don't wear anything blue when going back to Azalea :) (Photo grabbed from Ruth dela Cruz) After the quick bite, we went up to check our room.

The room where I stayed in is a Two Bedroom Apartment Suite. Two rooms of like this, 2 baths, one inside the master bedroom and the other one in the common area. The place can fit four adults and 2 kids if you're traveling with the family or can also accommodate up to 6 adults. 

One that's inviting is the living room area where you can just lounge and watch a movie or catch up on TV series. That sofa can be converted to a bed to accommodate more guests. They also have a working kitchen, where you can heat and cook food. 

Before you say anything, if you are wondering why the color tone of the living room and dining area is different. It's because I took the other photo in a different room. Some rooms have different refreshing colors.

Rested up for a bit in my room and planned to go out for a walk by the beach or go around the property since our next agenda would be dinner at around 8PM. It was a struggle for me to get out of my 10 minute nap. The bed and pillows were just amazing. Best nap in months! Woke up just in time for sunset, and I tried checking out the view of it on their pool

They have an adult & kiddie infinity swimming pools on the roof deck. Few steps from the pool is their multi-purpose area for big gatherings. Used mostly as a dining service area and a bar on certain nights. The sun was setting fast and I decided to head for the beach. A few steps, and there you go. Beautiful Boracay sunset.

Waited for the sun to set, took a shower and headed over to our meeting place. Arrived at the venue and Boom! Lot's of food, good company, a Karaoke machine and beer. What more could one ask for? The rest as they say is history. (First two photos grabbed from fellow blogger Ruth dela Cruz)

After burning the mic and scratching our throats, we finally called it a night. Others went back to their rooms and watched a movie while others took advantage of the chance to enjoy the room and the bed. :) If you want to know what happened the next day, watch out for my next post about Azalea. :)

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