Young Leaders, Leading the Young at Mondelez Philippines


Millennials are as also known as Generation Y, (following Generation X, 1960s - 1980s). Millennials are those usually born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. Being part of that generation, I would agree that we are radically diverse, economically stressed and politically liberal. We get heat because as young adults, we get criticized for being part of the "me" generation who are focused on getting what we want. That's true, but that doesn't mean that it's all bad especially when one thing that drives most Millennials nowadays is helping other people and making a difference.

What defines a person is not their age or what generation they are a part of but what do they in life that's meaningful to them and the people around them. Over at Mondelez Philippines - formerly named Kraft Foods, Millennials are leading the young employee volunteers in spreading joy by getting involved in the business of helping others.

Crystal Balili is an Assistant Manager under the Sales department, one who led the other two hundred Mondelez Philippines employees who trooped the company's five adopted Joy Schools in Manila for the annual activity, Global Volunteer Month - part of the global company initiative. When asked why she likes doing it, she shares, “Being a leader makes me feel in-charge of my life, allowing me to push my limits and challenge myself more, also not allowing anyone to dictate who I have to be.”.

An event to encourage employees to support the commitment to promote healthY lifestyles and overall well-being, this year, they focused on nutrition education, access to fresh food and promotion of active play. The Joy Schools program of Mondelez Philippines is in partnership with six elementary schools - 5 in Manila and 1 in Tacloban. The programs are aimed at being sustainable, so that the students and teachers can fight the present hunger through relevant feeding programs. 

Crystal and her team mates from Sales helped the students of P. Manalo Elementary School in Pateros re-learn the traditional Filipino games to get kids moving and become more active. Not only do the schools benefit from the nutrition brought in by Mondelez Philippines but they also have programs to help create joyful learning environments geared towards transforming the schools into the Top 10 in their cities.

Fellow Millenial and Mondelez Philippines employee Ralph Geronimo working for the company's Logistics department, is also a volunteer leader for the activity in General Vicente Lim Elementary School in Tondo. This is his 3rd time serving as a volunteer leader and he shares “More than my professional development as a leader, I think being part of our Company volunteering activities helps a lot in helping me promote our great place to work. Where there is a sense of work-life blend. We see work as a genuine part of life shared with colleagues we consider as close friends.” Ralph's team helped students learn nutrition facts through a quiz and prepare snacks through a fun cooking competition.

Ralph, Crystal and other employees of Mondelez Philippines get to Share Joy all year round. They are called upon to ideate, plan and implement initiatives for the school and the community. “Mondelez Philippines allows me to work with people from all walks of life. I believe understanding more people and personalities and knowing how to handle them, can help one to be a more effective leader.” shares Crystal. Ralph agrees, ending. “Being a volunteer leader definitely made me better at influencing other people. It also reminds me that every time I do something, I do it with a positive and impactful purpose.”

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