New Devices Bring Mobile Gaming Back Home


Mobile gaming has already taken overtaken the console industry in 2015, and now it is getting ready to come for your living room as well.

As smartphones become more powerful and more ubiquitous, the quality and quantity of available titles has exploded in recent years. This has many people making their mobile device their primary gaming platform, and on-the-go gamers are able to bring their mobile titles back home thanks to the efforts of companies like Apple and Google.

The latest versions of both Apple TV and Chromecast provide many more options for gamers. Thanks to the advent of more powerful devices, gamers are beginning to expect more from their mobile apps in terms of graphics and gameplay. Developers have been more than happy to oblige. The latest streaming devices allow players to basically turn their smartphones into controllers and stream their game directly to their TV for a much larger picture and immersive experience than a phone could ever provide.

According to The Verge, Google has also released a free development tool that makes it easier for game developers to make TV optimised versions of their apps using the company's hugely popular Unity gaming engine. Unity is currently the most used design toolkit for games in the world thanks to its intuitive platform for creating mobile games. The new tool is called the Google Cast Remote Display plugin, and it helps streamline the process of playing and streaming a game from your phone to your television.

And it's more than just top-tier titles taking advantage of the newfound venue for mobile gaming. Casual game developers are also jumping on the new technology with fun and accessible games that are perfect to play while waiting for the bus or having a quick gaming session at home.

Casual, social gaming platforms have become increasingly popular and allow gamers to bring the casino experience on the go or enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of the couch. The offerings at Gala Bingo's site feature a wide variety of licensed titles that provide unique takes on everything including sports, superheroes, movies and TV shows. The diversity of titles helps to appeal to the vast casual gaming audience. It also provides a fun and easy way for companies to put their intellectual properties in front of fans.

Even the handheld heavyweights at Nintendo have decided that they can't afford to continue to ignore the mobile market. Wired reports that the company announced in October that it had partnered with DeNA, a mobile game developer, to make five titles for smartphones by 2017. The company's Wii U console, while critically acclaimed, has failed to produce the numbers that the company expected. Thus, Nintendo is looking to the massive audience of the mobile market to help support and expand its bottom line.

As Nintendo moves into mobile and Sony continues to cut support for its Vita handheld, we predict it won't be long before the smartphone renders handheld devices completely obsolete. After all, it already has its sights set on replacing your home console.

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