Big bowls of goodness from Nissin Souper Meal for today's go-getters


Nissin has released their new cup noodles, more like a bowl Ha ha! The Nissin Souper Meal is a big serving of instant noodles which is available in 4 flavors. 

First in the roster is Nissin Souper Meal Seafood, which offers deep sea delight in a hefty serving. For those who crave an oriental treat, Nissin Souper Meal Beef Brisket is sure to tickle the taste buds with its rich beef broth.

There is also Nissin Souper Meal Hot & Spicy for those who like to take spiciness a notch higher. This noodle soup is a rich combination of chicken and mushroom flavors to complement the intense level of spiciness.

The adventurous ones who like to try exciting new offerings are in for a treat with Nissin Souper Meal's Garlic Pork Tonkotsu flavor. Nissin's first-ever pork-based variant in a mouthwatering pork and garlic broth providing a perfect explosion of ingredients.

Combining appetizingly rich Japanese noodles, vegetables and meat bits with special soup flavors, Nissin Souper Meal is truly a souper sarap big bowl of goodness that is convenient and easy to prepare; providing larger servings of great-tasting and satisfying instant noodles for today's go-getters.

For only P29, satisfy both your taste buds and appetites with the souper sarap goodness of Nissin Souper Meal, available at all leading supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide.

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