Our Tagaytay Highlands Experience

It was a first time in a very long time since I last visited this place - Tagaytay Highlands. I remember when I was very young and played Tagaytay Highland's mini-golf course. I remember my frustrations for not being able to put the ball in the damn hole. :) Tagaytay Highlands, even though it's just a few minutes away from the metro, we never really had the chance to visit again.

It was a nice day and had a nice weather when we arrived there. Had breakfast at their club house, ordered their tapa, longganisa and corned beef. We also took shots and admired the place.

After the filling breakfast, we headed to their cable car to get a better view of the place. The use of their cable car is free for use for its guests. The car can fit four passengers. During the ride, you get a nice view of Tagaytay Highlands , the golf course, the mountain ranges, and the lake.

This is one way to get around Tagaytay Highlands. You can also use their funicular which is also free of use. If you're in Highlands Golf Club, you can easily go to Midlands while enjoying the view going down. A funicular is also known as an inclned plane or a cliff railway. A cabled railway where tram-like vehicles moves up and down a steep slope. They say that funiculars have existed for hundreds of years. The name derives from latin, funiculus, diminutive of funis, meaning rope. So that's some kind of a trivia for you. :) 

After our Cable Car experience, we visited their Animal Farm! I didn't know they had one inside! We also tried their mini ATV ride.

More of our day 1 Tagaytay adventure on my next post! :)

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