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The second season of the mixed martial arts (MMA) action-drama, KINGDOM, premieres on RTL CBS Extreme HD on 22 October, Thursday at 10:00pm (9:00pm JKT/BKK). Set in Venice, California, KINGDOM looks at the MMA world rife with complex characters and relationships that unfurl in surprising and deeply human ways. The show stars Frank Grillo (Zero Dark Thirty, The Grey) as Alvey, Matt Lauria (Friday Night Lights) as Ryan, Jonathan Tucker (The Black Donnellys) as Jay, new cast member Natalie Martinez (Under The Dome) as Alicia; and popular singer-actor Nick Jonas as Nate.

“The series complements the channel’s strong lineup and we’re happy that it has been well-received in the region,” says Jennifer Batty, EVP Programming, RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network. “We’re delighted to bring the latest season of KINGDOM to our audience and look forward to an enthusiastic response from viewers.” 

In the first season’s finale, we saw Nate struggling with the life he was living; and in his aim to be a bigger fighter, taking human growth hormones. Star fighter, Ryan “The Destroyer,” went back into the cage for the first time in five years and Jay also returns to the ring. KINGDOM‘s sophomore run begins with Ryan “The Destroyer” defending his title and Jay finding a new obsession, while Alvey’s improved fortune has led to a bigger gym, but also a bigger appetite for risk. Nate’s determination to get back in the cage causes rifts with his family and complicates his self-identity.

KINGDOM’s season 2 sees the introduction of a promising female fighter, Alicia, who packs a lot of upsides both in and out of the cage. Lured to Los Angeles, she uses her desirability and relentless drive to get whoever and whatever she wants.

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