Star Wars Force Friday at Mall of Asia


Okay, I know I am super late in posting this one right here, but since it's also a Friday today, might as well right? #ForceFridayErrrday.

Here's what went down that night. Crowd started building up at around 10PM, September 3 at the SM Mall of Asia's Main Mall Atrium. Fans lined up to get the first look and own the select new products of the Star Wars franchise exactly 12:01 AM. The merchandise display was mostly for the upcoming Star Wards film, The Force Awakens. The Force Friday celebration is the first live toy unboxing event that happened across 12 countries. 

There were some merchandise displayed by independent toy collectors which are also on sale that night. I am particularly liking those two foldable bikes!

The long line was for those who wanted to buy the merchandise, but there were also some displayed outside. 

This one right here I think is pretty cool. Assemble your favorite Star Wars characters and ships!

Here's my office-mate Jules Diano, a hardcore Star Wars fan having fun with the Storm Trooper.

I didn't line up so I just waited at the check out counter and waited for some returns. :) Maybe there I can score some nice ones.

I manage to score some POP! Funko Star Wars characters, Boba Fett and Darth Vader! I also got a free Stormtrooper notebook for free for reaching P 1,000. :)

The next day, I went back and tried my luck to see if there were some items left. Good thing there were some left. I really wanted to get the BB8 remote control toy and the Kylo Ren Lightsaber. I was tempted to even if it was a kids version. I liked the Jedi master Lightsaber Bladebuilders.

Was also tempted to buy the Chewbacca face mask that converts your voice into Chewbacca! They also have the Vader mask but I decided to not buy it.

One that was only available for pre-order is the 3D FX Deco Lights.

That's it! Sharing with you guys my loot that day! :) I hope the price of these toys go up when the movie comes out!

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