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With so much food choices and with such a very busy and fast- paced schedules it is so hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Oftentimes, healthy and quality food options does not always equate to delicious and filling food.  When we think of indulging, we usually think the more "sinful" it is, the better.

One fine day, on a rainy holiday afternoon, my wife and I were invited to experience and taste what Earth Kitchen has to offer.  I have been hearing a lot of good reviews on Earth Kitchen prior to this visit but never got the chance to actually visit their branch in White Plains.  It is good to know that they have already expanded and opened in BGC, which is more accessible for us.

Earth Kitchen is a partnership project of Hizon's Catering and Got Heart Farms, from which the produce and ingredients used in the restaurant are sourced.  Earth Kitchen is dedicated to support and showcase products that are produced by local farmers and communities in the Philippines.  By increasing the demand for organic and natural produce, the more the livelihood of these communities are sustained.  For the consumers, we are assured of good, clean and healthy food every time.  The food are cooked and made fresh in the kitchen, from the pasta to the ice cream and soup.

Freshness is not only reflected in the food that they serve but also in the ambiance and interiors.  As soon as you walk in, you get the feeling that you are somewhere near a farm.

The food started to arrive and there were so much that we didn't actually know where to start!  We were also happily surprised that there were so much variety that will surely satisfy every craving.

Braised bacon with red cabbage and marble potatoes (P580)  BACON.  Need I say more?

Fish and Mango (P280) Loro fillet in mango, cilantro and  chili plum sauce.  The sweetness of the ripe mango will get your appetite in high gear.

Ragu ala Bolognese (P320).  Nothing comforts like a good bowl of pasta!

Mushroom Ravioli (P 400). This creamy bowl of mushroom ravioli is made extra special with kesong puti.  Truly worth trying!

Pomelo Salad (P 360).  Their version of a Thai favorite truly showcased the freshness of locally produced veggies.

Risotto Balls (P 275).  Breaded and fried risotto balls with mozzarella cheese. Perfect with the tomato sauce dip. 

Fish and Roasted Sesame Soft Tacos (P 190, 2 pcs/ P 270, 3 pcs).  A hearty dish of loro fillet, salad greens, cucumber, seaweed and roasted sesame dressing.  This can be your whole meal on its own.

Beef Kebab (P 410).  You don't need to go anywhere else to enjoy a good kebab.  This is also one of the best kebabs we have ever tasted.  Came with Ifugao rice pillaf as well!

Scallops and Aligue (P 480).  It is so delicious that you won't mind staining your teeth a little bit with black squid ink.

Enjoy your delicious meal with your choice of the fresh fruit drink concoctions straight from the Got Heart Farms.

Pastillas Ice Cream (P 110 per scoop).  a perfect finish to a hearty meal.  

Earth Kitchen also offers packed organic items and products from Got Heart Farms to bring home.

Despite the rainy weather, our trip to BGC was worth it after enjoying delicious food at Earth Kitchen.  We intend to visit again soon with our family and friends.

You can visit them on Facebook TheEarthKitchen or their site at if you want to get in touch with them. Earth Kitchen is located at the Upper Ground Floor, BGC Highstreet Central, Taguig City

To learn more about Earth Kitchen and Got Heart Foundation, visit

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