Tanduay launches the all-new premium rum for today’s game-changers


Tanduay, the world’s no.1 dark rum, recently launched an all-new premium drink that embodies the success and achievement of today’s young and success-oriented Filipinos. With a smoother distinct flavor and aroma, Tanduay's Master blender created the new, Tanduay SELECT, a new-age rum that will surely satisfy the discerning taste of today's young drinkers.

“Throughout the years, Tanduay rum has been enjoyed by generations of Filipinos. And now, the brand is giving today’s upwardly mobile individuals a taste of the finest rum with a flavor suited to their unique preference – the drink that every passionate individual truly deserves,” says Tanduay President and Chief Executive Officer Bong Tan.

Each bottle of Tanduay SELECT is a blend of ages of rum matured in oak barrels, a Tanduay tradition that gives its well-rounded and smooth distinct taste. 

World-class heritage
Heritage is the foundation on which Tanduay was built and its story is a triumph that deeply inspired a nation. Tracing its humble beginnings from a small distillery in Hagonoy, Bulacan, the company is now among the leading liquor producers in the world. Buoyed by more than a century and a half of creative innovation and foresight, Tanduay takes pride in being one of the most awarded companies in the spirits industry with over a hundred international quality awards that include 88 golds, 7 International High Quality awards. This 2015, the company was awarded the Crystal Prestige trophy by the Monde Selection International Quality Institute, one of the world's most prestigious and highly esteemed body that recognized wines and liquor products with the highest standards of taste and quality. 

Toast to success
Apart from heritage, the success of every Filipino and the entire nation has been the sole inspiration of Tanduay – making the brand a national icon as well. And as the Spirits Drink of Filipinos, it represents the nation’s true characteristics as a people. 

These include the spirit of honor and tradition; the spirit of bravery, resiliency, and dedication; and the core trait of respect for elders and family values. Such characteristics have made Tanduay what it stands for today.

“Tanduay has been with the Filipinos in witnessing several historic moments and recognizing different heroes across all generations. In this modern age, our heroes are the young professionals who are not afraid to step up and achieve their goals, not just for their own fulfilment, but for their family and the society as well,” added Tan. 

Believing that all stories of triumph deserve a celebration – such as the impeccable achievements of today’s young generations – Tanduay once again raises a toast to the success of today’s young Filipinos with the all-new Tanduay SELECT. 

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