Robinsons Red Hot Sale!


Something awesome is brewing at Robinsons Malls this August 1 -31, 2015. One of the much awaited sale events of the year, the Robinsons Red Hot Sale is back and is offering more that your usual sale events.

I got to visit their huge branch in Ortigas, Robinsons Galleria earlier this August and I was happy I got to visit just when the sale has just started. Stocks were new and items are still fresh and have not yet been screened by other shoppers. :)

Carts and items were outside the stores and it had this festive feel in the place. Surprisingly, the place wasn't crowded like other sale events. Maybe because Robinsons Malls offers their sale month long which gives options for customers to visit on days that are more convenient for them. Now net me share with you some of the stores I visited during my search of bargain items during the Red Hot Sale.

It's not because I'm old or anything but I enjoy whenever I go around appliance stores. I'm glad that I was able to go around Automatic Center during sale as I was able to check prices on some items I've been meaning to buy for some time now.

Lately, we've been contemplating on buying an automatic BP monitor. Preferably the brand OMRON, I'm glad they had a lot of models to choose from depending on one's budget.

Another one that I was contemplating on buying is a new washing machine for mom. Our old one is all beaten up and had so many bypass surgery. I wanted it to rest. :)

Automatic Center also have a lot of sale promos on their fridge, TVs, and many others like gadgets, blenders and tumblers! Aside from the good sale items in stores, what's nice about the Red Hot Sale is that they have some good terms of payment choices.

Next store I visited is The Cutting Edge.  Which is also located at level 3 of the Mall. Not that I often go to the gym (I rarely do) but I go there to get my vitamins. They don't just sell whey proteins but also sell some really nice supplements for our body. Oh and they offer really nice discounts on some selected items during the Red Hot Sale, so yey for me!

For fashion find, I headed over to Collezione. Luckily, not only are they on sale but 50% off!

I personally liked their styles and designs because they produce patriotic colors and designs on their items. #GoFilipino! #LoveForCountry

Another fashion find brings me to Sports Loop at level 3. Here they have some sporting brands like Fila, Nike, Adidas, Converse and many more.

I stopped over at Time Depot to check out some GShocks. Maybe they had new designs or some good payment terms.

Aside from Gshock, they also have other decent watch brands. as for their promos, they have this for card holders where they can opt to go for 0% installment from 3 - 6 months. Now how's that for an offer?! I was really tempted to buy one buy the pull of the washing machine at Automatic Center was a bit stronger. Am I really getting old? Deym. :)

With all the shopping and going around, I was a bit tired and thirsty. Headed over the 4th level cinema area and bought me a Happy Lemon drink!

Galleria Galleria is a big mall. It will take you a while before you can really go through each and every store if you want to really look for some good bargains. While I was there, I downloaded their Mall app. It was easy to use and convenient. I didn't have to look for an informations desk or look for a roving guard in the mall.

Robinsons continues to give amazing bargain and great sale. For more info, check out their social media accounts. 

Aside from the amazing bargain finds, they also have some items they are giving away like the DeVant D Tab for every P 1,000 purchase and they also have some entertainment in-store for those looking for some entertainment. Check out details here.

Check out the participating Robinsons Malls.

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