[TV Show] SHARK Week 2015


Shark Week, one of the longest running and most anticipated television events, returns to Discovery Channel on Monday, July 13 2015. A myriad of shark-themed programs promises to keep viewers and shark aficionados glued to the edge of their seat!

Last year’s Shark Week netted record high ratings in the Philippines since 2009, and the highest viewership in Singapore over the last ten years since 2005, among viewers aged 25 to 54. From Return of the Great White Serial Killer, to Bride of Jaws and Ninja Sharks, SHARK WEEK is set to be even more jawsome this year! 

Catch these programs starting this Monday, July 13 at 9 PM: Feeding Frenzy, El Monstruo de Cuba, Ninja Sharks, Monster Mako, Alien Sharks S3, Island of the Mega Shark, Sea Beast of the Abyss, Bride of Jaws, Florida Sharkgaeddon, Great White Serial Killer: The Killer Returns, and Sharksanity S2.


ISLAND OF THE MEGA SHARK Premieres Monday, 13 July at 9pm (PH)
Shark experts Jeff Kurr, Andy Casagrande and Dickie Chivell travel to the volcanic Pacific island of Guadalupe, to search for one of the largest great white sharks ever recorded with new technologies and innovative methods. 

NINJA SHARKS Premieres Tuesday, 14 July at 9pm (PH) 
Researchers explore six sharks with unique adaptations that have evolved over millions of years, making them the most lethal hunters in the sea. 

RETURN OF THE GREAT WHITE SERIAL KILLER Premieres Wednesday, 15 July at 9pm (PH) 
Return of the Great White Serial Killer seeks to find answers for a series of Great White shark attacks that have occurred with clocklike precision at the same beach, in the same month, every two years. The location is Surf Beach, CA and the last two attacks in 2010 and 2012 both resulted in fatalities. According to this schedule, the next attack would occur in October 2014. Shark expert Ralph Collier and Brandon McMillian seek answers to the main questions in this case – is the same shark responsible for the previous attacks, will there be more attacks, and why? 

BRIDE OF JAWS Premieres Thursday, 16 July at 10pm (SG/ MY) 9pm (PH)
Researchers and scientists will search for Joan of Shark, the largest female great white shark ever tagged.

TIBURONES: THE SHARKS OF CUBA Premieres Friday, 17 July at 9pm (PH)
70 years ago, what is believed to be the largest shark ever caught in the world was landed off the Cuban coast, a 21-foot Great White named "El Monstruo." Tiburones: The Sharks of Cuba marks a first ever for SHARK WEEK; an expedition in Cuba that unites American and Cuban scientists in an attempt to answer the question: do large sharks still exist in this relatively unexplored area of the world? Filmmaker Ian Shive and a team of shark researchers headed to Havana earlier this year in an attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding El Monstruo while simultaneously conducting a massive expedition to the north and south coasts of Cuba, including areas previously unexplored. Shive and his team for the first time ever satellite tag sharks in Cuba including a rare species of shark. 

SHARKS OF THE SHADOWLAND Premieres Saturday, 18 July at 9pm (PH) 
In Sharks of the Shadowland, divers in New Zealand for the very first time tag a Sevengill Shark as they are charged with protecting and saving a pristine underwater environment, home to this species of shark that has seven gills vs. five. The Sevengill shark remains somewhat of a mystery and a team of shark experts are on a mission to find out how they hunt and more importantly how to better understand their behaviors and prevent shark attacks. 

SUPER PREDATOR Premieres Sunday, 19 July at 9pm (PH) 
One of New Zealand’s deep sea trenches is explored in search for a super predator large enough to take on a great white shark.

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