New MRT-3 Prototypes to Arrive this August!

Saw this one from Gov's official Gazette. It looks like DOTC is assembling a prototype of new light rail vehicles or LRVs for the Metro Rail Transit III (MRT-3) for testing which they say will start this November. Starting January 2016 next year, there will be a monthly delivery of three train cars. Finally! 

Based on their last inspection, the project implementation team indicates that the prototype appears to be of good and reliable quality. Well I just hope so. It has to be sturdy, can be maintained easily and must be an upgrade to what we have.

They are manufacturing a total of forty-eight (48) LRVs in China. Better traction motors to incorporate alternating current (AC) technology was used instead of direct current (DC) system presently being used, which means less maintenance needs in the future.

Secretary Abaya from Transportation & Communications share “What is important to us is that the train cars, once delivered, will be safe and reliable. So we prefer to be thorough with the manufacture, assembly, checking, and testing of the prototype,” 

The working timeline for the DOTC and the MRT-3 is as follows:
Mid-August 2015 - Arrival of prototype
End-August 2015 - Completion of assembly of prototype
September-October 2015 - Checking or static testing of prototype, including dimensions, materials, and components such as lights, doors, handrails, seats, etc.
Mid-November 2015 - Arrival of bogies
End-November to End-December 2015 - Dynamic testing and necessary adjustments
January 2016 - Acceptance/approval, start of monthly delivery

It's nice that DOTC has plans in improving our transport system. Hoping also that they stick with the timeline. I would like to be positive about this so let's just hope for the best.

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