It's Miller Time!


It's Miller time! and the time has come. The favored beer of the nightlife people was seen at one of the hippest and highest bar in the metro, 71 Gramercy. Speakers were blaring, people were dancing and Miller beer was overflowing. It was a night of high energy, good spirits and fun time. 

Miller Genuine Draft embodies the ultimate in cosmopolitan beer cool. Its dynamic and contemporary appearance demands attention, making it the perfect modern icon for successful young adults. 

A brand that started by Fredrick Miller in 1855, he built it with “Quality, Uncompromising and Unchanging” which became the brand slogan. Up to this day, they follow the same process as how they did the brewing back in time.

Personally, I think that the Miller Genuine Draft has a refined taste and has this super-premium quality taste which makes it the smooth and refreshing beer of choice in the best outlets around the world.

The Miller Brewing Company remains one of the most admired breweries in the world, continually striving to offer consumers new and innovative beers that push category boundaries. There is no better example of this than Miller Genuine Draft. 

For incredible and unforgettable night out in great cities, Miller Genuine Draft is the best for you. Cheers to limitless possibilities and new experiences! What time is it? It's Miller Time.

Miller Genuine Draft is an iconic American beer that delivers an exceptionally smooth and refreshing taste. Using a pioneered cold-filtration process, MGD is never exposed to any form of heat treatment. This locks in the many subtle flavors that make this beer so easy to drink and preserves a genuine brewery-fresh taste. Using only the best American ingredients, Miller Genuine Draft uses a blend of crystal malt, proprietary Light Stable Choice De-bittered Hops, tetra hops and a golden thread of yeast which originates from the strain used by Fredrick Miller in 1855. The combination of this pioneering process and super-premium ingredients is a distinctive, golden beer that commands attention in cities all around the world.

Water plays a fundamental role in defining the final characteristics of Miller Genuine Draft. Water is the ingredient used in the greatest quantity, the standards we set for water quality are always incredibly high. To deliver a pure, fresh taste, we use ‘soft water’ with low carbonates, no odor, taste or color. The water is tasted and analyzed by the master brewer daily, to ensure that it is of high quality and ‘softness’.

During the water treatment process, any ingredients that would otherwise be harmful to the beer are filtered out. All Miller Genuine Draft breweries use the same water treatment process to ensure that the water meets specified standards and delivers a consistently super-premium quality beer.

Only the finest variety of barley is used in the making of Miller Genuine Draft. Two row and six row spring barley has the best characteristics for beer production. Using a blend of these two different types of barley helps to develop a smooth, American style lager. Spring Barley is sourced from the heartland of America, specifically, the upper Midwest region, and contains fewer of the proteins that cause clouding. This produces a clearer liquid for Miller Genuine Draft production.

Before it can be used in beer production, barley is transformed into malt via a process called ‘malting’. During this process, carried out in designated malting plants, most of the barley components are broken down into smaller particles that can be more readily transformed by the yeast. During malting, enzymes are activated that act on the sugars and proteins in barley to reduce their size and make them easier to convert during subsequent stages of the brewing process.

· Miller Genuine Draft uses a very expensive form of malt called crystallized malt.

· Heated until the sugar starts to caramelize, crystal malt gives MGD a beautiful golden color.

· The caramelized malt adds a very subtle hint of toffee sweetness to the beer, which helps create its uniquely smooth and easy-drinking flavor.

Only the finest hand-selected American hops are used in the production of Miller Genuine Draft, sourced from the Pacific Northwest region of the USA. Miller Genuine Draft uses two types of hops in its manufacture:

1. Proprietary Light Stable Choice De-bittered Hops (LSCDH) allow Miller Genuine Draft to be uniquely light stable and subsequently packaged in a clear bottle without the risk of spoiling. These hops also provide a distinctively smooth mouthfeel and hoppy flavor.

2. Special Tetra hops provide balanced bitterness and give Miller Genuine Draft its distinctive character.

The yeast used in Miller Genuine Draft is propagated from a single strain whose lineage traces back to Germany. This golden thread of yeast links right back to Miller Origins and was brought to Wisconsin by Fredrick Miller in the 1850’s.

To help create MGD’s unique profile, this bottom fermenting yeast is used in all breweries around the world. It helps to deliver a subtle fruity aftertaste in our beer.

No expense is spared in the production of Miller Genuine Draft. With its highly innovative nature, it is not only the use of the finest ingredients that delivers super-premium quality, but the extensive investment which is placed in technology and craftsmanship around the brand. In order to be an international super-premium brand for one of the largest brewers in the world everything needs to be perfect. There are 5 main stages in the production of Miller Genuine Draft:

1. Wort Production
2. Fermentation
3. Maturation
4. 4X Cold Filtration
5. Aseptic Filling

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Miller Genuine Draft’s packaging is the beautiful clear flint bottle. The majority of bottled beers in the world use either green or brown glass as a way of protecting the beer inside from the harmful effect of light. Due to our proprietary LSCDH hopping process, the beer is so stable that it can withstand exposure to light that would ruin most beers, thus permitting use of the clear bottle. Sterile filtration also plays a role in the packaging design. The 4th cold filtration of the beer produces such a pure and distinctive golden brilliance in the liquid that it was consciously selected to showcase it by using the perfectly clear flint bottle.

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