GUAM Jungle Rules Adventure


Hafa Adai! Hafa Adai! Hafa Adai!  I just can't seem to stop saying those words. The greeting Hafa Adai is actually pronounced as 'half a day' meaning "Hello" in Chamorro, which is the native language of Guam. Basically the same way Hawaii uses the word "Aloha"to greet people.

After the delicious lunch at Lone Star Steakhouse, Guam Visitors Bureau took us to an off-road adventure tour using their UTVs (different from an ATV). The UTVs we used comfortable seats 4 person including the driver.

Safety is the priority of the experienced guides who briefed us to keep the hands and arms inside the UTV and of course, wearing the seatbelt at all time. They would also ask you to sign a waiver, just for safety purposes.

It was my first time riding a UTV and it was easy, like driving an automatic car. What I didn't expect is how extreme the trails can be. Guests get to journey through the rugged red dirt and also enjoy the breathtaking ocean view. Their tour allows guest to be behind the wheel, riding side-by-side. Families, experienced riders and even beginners can enjoy the trail. 

There were some trails that was a bit difficult and scary but our buggy was the last of the 3 in the trail so we knew what to do and where to go.

We had to go on foot to go up on the other side to see the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. So, what are the things to expect from the Jungle Rules UTV Adventure?

  • You will get hot. We protective sunscreen, hats, sunglasses or anything to protect you from the sun.
  • You will get dirty. This is a given, you don't expect to stay clean after trekking and going in different places of the trail.
  • You will get Thirsty. Best to bring your own bottled water.
  • You will get bit by mosquitoes. Bring a bug spray or any mosquito repellent.
  • Fun and Excitement. Because it is.

What not to do?

  • Riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Littering. Respect the environment, don't litter.

Indeed, this is one way to experience Guam to the extreme. For more information, you may reach them at 671-898-3232. Email them at or just visit their site for more information

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