Finding Joy in Small Things with Oreo


There are things that can bring us joy. For example having the latest gadget, receiving a new car or finally buying the dream home. It can also be as simple as getting a smile from your crush, spending time with your loved one or eating a treat. For me, sometimes this works. Receiving a treat after a toxic day or just because I’m feeling happy, I indulge myself with these treats. 

For example, the McFlurry Oreo Treat never fails to cheer me up. It is one of my guilty pleasures and what’s good about it is that it’s affordable! I liked the one where they added white chocolate in it last year. They also mixed hot fudge in the delicious vanilla sundae with Oreo bits! Yummeeeh!
Now what else? I find myself breaking down all the Oreo based treats I can think of ha ha. Well one can’t go wrong with their Cookies and Cream Ice cream right? For every gathering or occasion even if it isn’t summer, we share with friends and family these ice cream treats that create delicious moments of joy. We always liked Selecta’s Cookies and Cream! 

Another Oreo treat would be Dairy Queen’s Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich! Oh yes, picture that in your head. :) One surprising treat of joy I tried is Serenitea’s Cookies and Cream Milk Tea. The scoop of ice cream with crushed cookies is just a treat! 

Well there you go! Simple joys brought to us by a simple cookie and cream, Oreo. If you think about it, the wonders that can be made out of Oreo are limitless. Different mix, flavors and ideas all to make everyone happy. What about you? What’s your favorite Oreo treat? 

Oreo is under Mondelez Philippines formerly named Kraft Foods.They have been in the Philippines for the past 52 years and have been giving us bites of joy with their well-loved brands like Eden Cheese, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Toblerone. For more information, visit them at

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