Mother's Day at Mall of Asia - Abe Restaurant


Mother's Day is one of the special holidays where we give recognition to our moms. We get to treat and pamper them and show our love for all the things that they did for us. Now to celebrate, we usually prepare something nice at home, relax them up a bit and do some of their usual chose. Here's what we recommend, Mall of Asia, one of the largest mall in the world has more tenants than most of the malls in the country. Here you have unlimited choices of restaurants and treats for your mom.

Two restaurants that we recommend this year is Abe and Buffalo Wings N' Things. Abe, a restaurant under LJC group is a restaurant that serves traditional Filipino food, mostly with Capampangan origin.

The place has ample space and can accommodate big groups. Ideal for family and gatherings.

We ordered and just as soon as we finished ordering, crackers were served. Complimentary on the house. It was addicting.

Starting off with a refresher. I ordered the Calamansi juice and asked it to be ice blended.

Okay, let's dig in! For starters I had Abe's Paco Fern and Tomato Salad. The light salad dressing on the young rainforest fern with salted egg and tomato is really nice, at P 155 this dish can be for sharing.
Abe's Paco Fern and Tomato Salad. - P 155

One that surprised me is this dish. It is sauteed pumpkin with shrimps, string beans, tomatoes and onion. Big enough for sharing and a pleasant dish. :)
Abe's Kulabasa Queng Gata - P 170

Abe's Sinigang sa Ube is also one of the restaurant's must try. The ingredients simmered in a special purple yam (ube) broth and can serve aroun 2-5 person. Definitely not your typical Sinigang.
Abe restaurant Sinigang sa Ube - P 495
Abe restaurant Sinigang sa Ube - P 495

Abe's version of the traditional way of cooking rice. mountain rice cooked with shrimps, wood ear mushrooms and bamboo shoots steamed in a bamboo shell is Abe's Bamboo rice. Prices at P275, this can serve 2-3 persons.
Abe's Bamboo Rice - P275

My runaway favorite has got to be this one. Abe's Lamb Adobo. Named as Ben Cab's favorite, the dish is so delicately cooked and well seasoned. Gotta love the tenderness and the flavor that comes with the dish. A dish that can only serve me, or 2 persons. Price at P525 I say that's pretty good.
Abe's Lamb Adobo - P 525
Now for the dessert, we had the Turon Saba at Kalamay. Fried saba banana filled with sticky sugar and coconut milk (kalamay) in rice paper is a nice treat to end your hearty meal. Good for four and priced at  P95 is a treat in itself. :)
Turon Saba at Kalamay
Turon Saba at Kalamay
Surely this would be something that our moms will enjoy. A happy tummy is a happy person. Let's all be happy! :) Happy Mother's day Mama and to all the Moms out there! Visit Mall of Asia this Mother's Day and enjoy their wide array of food choices! 

Abe is part of the LJC Ground which also operates Cafe Havana, Lorenzo's Way, Fely J's, Abe's Farm, Bistro Remedios, Cafe Adriatico and Larry's Cafe & Bar. We are sending love to Abe, to the one who assisted us, Darlene Cerdena and to Mall of Asia for the amazing dining experience. 

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