Honor 6. The Best Camera Phone I've Ever Had.


Even with the advancement of technology these days, the smartphones that we get misses on some of the things that matters to us. I guess what I'm saying is that it really depends on one's preference.

For me, I'll try to keep it at three. Speed, Usability, Camera. I think that these three really matters. Especially if you're a blogger, photographer or an Instagrammer I think that this new phone is going to amaze you.

Now here are some photos I took while we were going around Singapore. Check out these photos.

At 13MP, the Honor 6 delivers amazing quality for its affordable price. It has auto focus, dual-LED flash, Geo-tagging, face detection and HDR.

Amazing right? Photos are like of my DSLR. Easy one touch focus. You can easily focus with a touch on which one you'd like to highlight.

Now here are photos shot inside Universal Studios Sentosa. The photo quality and color is really something worth noting. Moments like these, we'd like to have a camera that is trusty, handy and delivers amazing captures moments. 

Taken during noon time, the park was really bright and hot. But the HONOR 6 camera still delivers awesome photos.

Now here is a shot of kids playing around in the park. How's that for action shot?

Trying out the selfie camera. I think it has an auto correct function which you can customize. :) at 5MP for their secondary camera. It's not so bad compared to others. :)

Here's a sample of the night shot and low light. Not so bad either.

Now for foodies and Instagramers! Why don't you take a look at those details. :)

I also didn't know until I tried how the Honor 6 delivers in shooting macro. Just look at that detail. You can never think that this shot came from a phone.

Here's to compare also. A bug on my small bag.

Amazing detail. Amazing phone. I can't get enough of Honor 6!

One thing about smartphones these days is that you can't have everything in it. For this one, I think I have found a phones that fits my current needs. :) Here's a high-end phone at half the price. :)

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