Converse Made by You Campaign Launch


Just recently, Converse launched their newest campaign "Made By You". The main spirit campaign is the celebration of creativity and self-expression. Known as the "Chuck Taylor All Star", the sneakers celebrates with fans who have been expressing themselves for almost 100 years. The brand is  in search around the globe to collect beloved and distinctly personal Chucks, each telling a story of transformation from blank canvas to self-portrait of the owner.

Eunice Jorge and Jazz Jorge GraceNote band and Rye Sarmiento of 6 cyclemind.
The event started with a fashion show by local designers with their apparel collection also wearing the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. First up is Ulysses King.

Designs from Melchor Guinto.

The third designer Jeff Rogador was my favorite of the three. Loved that the apparel and the footwear complimented each other and that it was Filipino themed.

Georgina Wilson and Kean Cipriano was there to share how Converse Chuck Taylor played a role in their life and career.

For Georgina it was during one of the music festivals abroad that she was able to discover Chucks. She brought heels and had no proper shoes, she was encouraged to buy her first chuck pair. She was surprised how comfortable it was and how it helped her be more of herself. Ever since then, the Chuck Taylor All Star has been a part of her casual wear and fashion collection.

For Kean, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star was memorable for him because it was the first brand that believed in their band when Callalily was still starting up. Georgina & Kean during the Spring 2015 collection here.

From artists, musicians, skaters, to fashionistas, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is the only sneakers that is defined by those who wear them. With the "Made by you" global celebration, Converse curated a collection of Chuck Taylor All Start portraits to showcase the endless diversity and self-expression of individuals past and present.
Any Warhol Chuck Taylor All Star.
Portraits collected from the likes of international icons like Andy Warhol and Futura will be featured alongside portraits from everyday Chuck Taylor All Star wearers , and used in global exhibitions, which will turn the city streets of New York to Shanghai to Manila into art galleries. 

Below is Georgina Wilson and her Chucks creation. The campaign "Made by You" seeks to highlight the unique creative spirit of local communities and subcultures with hyper-local portrait exhibitions celebrating the diversity of self-expression in cultural neighborhoods throughout the world.


I also had the chance to have my new Andy Warhol chucks immortalized by having it shot by their photographer.

My black high-cut chucks will be participating in this campaign. I will be designing my Converse Chuck Taylor All Star soon! Watch out for it. :)

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