Aviate your Phone


Want an app that makes your phone organized and smart enough to know which apps you need at the moment you need it? Yahoo Aviate is an intelligent, sleek, and beautiful homescreen that simplifies your smartphone and caters to your needs. Since its launch on June 2014, this app has been organizing Android phones everywhere and its daily active user base has increased by 5 times.

Aviate organizes your apps into different collections such as Social, Utilities, Photography, Entertainment, and Productivity. You have the freedom to add more collections and move your apps within the different categories. It offers another useful page where your apps are in alphabetical order for easier selection.

A universal search bar helps you look for apps or contacts in your smartphone or anything at all when you're connected to Wi-Fi. It is powered by the Yahoo search engine and will help you find whatever you're looking for.

There is a wide array of beautiful wallpapers, from Abstract to Technology, which you can change depending on your mood. You also have the choice to place your favorite apps or widgets on your home page for easy access. Just press on the home page for a few seconds and the options will appear.

Your favorite contacts are just a glide away. View it by sliding your finger upwards when you’re on your home page. 

It caters to your day and knows what you need when you need it. Aviate studies how Android users interact with their phones throughout the day, as seen in the infographic below. Its autocategorization and contextual feature called Spaces is its most ingenious one. This surfaces information to your homescreen the moment it's useful, more than 10 times per day. It knows when it is daytime or nighttime and displays the apps that will enable you to check the weather, get up-to-date news, or set your alarm. When you're on the move, it shows you transit apps. When you plug in your earphones, it presents your music apps automatically. When you're at work, you can easily send an email or see your events for the day with a tap.

With Yahoo Aviate, you can use your smartphone effortlessly, with just a few taps and glides. Aviate your phone now!

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