Time-Tested: Shakey’s Iconic Products.

Pizza restaurant revisits the dishes that have made them a success

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – In the food industry, what you put on a plate becomes your defining moment, a calling card that says who you are. For Shakey’s, their identity has always been a family restaurant, with pizzas that encourage hearty eating and bonding over a delicious meal. It’s not just their namesake offer, however, that has guests craving for more, but a whole lineup of favorites that have made them the destination for good times and great memories.

“Pizza is meant to be shared,” says Vicente L. Gregorio, CEO of Shakey’s. “It is natural to share pizza, big or small, with other people-family, friends, or even strangers.”

Often considered the soul of the Shakey’s brand their pizzas come in various exciting flavors and a variety of crusts. Their Manager's Choice, Friday Special, Angus Steakhouse, and Belly Busternumber among a few of the brand’s more popular variants. Hinging off an exceptional thin or hand-tossed crust and premium ingredients, these choices are rich in flavor and pack on a lot of value.

Of course, pizza isn’t the only thing on offer with Shakey’s gradually expanding their menu to fit their growing clientele. Fans also flock to the brand’s awesome twosome Chicken ‘N Mojos™ for days when the hunger pangs hit hard. These classic mainstays reached high popularity among many, both as in-house treats and via delivery. The brand also introduced yet another complement to their pizzas with the classic Shakey’s Super Shakes. 

Eventually, the brand sought to provide more variety with newer and more stimulating additions to the menu. Their appetizers, such as the Shrimp Poppers, and American Salad and pasta dishes, like Prima Lasagna, gained traction with diners who were pleasantly surprised by fresh selections, still with the same quality, taste, and value. 

Shakey’s only continues to innovate, keeping up with the changing mindset of their modern diners. They continue to produce food that leaves a lasting impression, making the Shakey’s name a relevant mainstay in the Metro’s food scene.

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