Mall of Asia Sweet Eats. Valentines at TGIFridays.


I was running a bit late.

I was going to meet this nice girl who just celebrated her birthday and there I was, brisk walking to this place where everyday is Friday - TGIFridays. I asked her via text to order ahead, anything that she wanted and that I'd be fine with anything since I know that everything is good at Fridays.

She told me via phone that she already ordered and that the food has arrived. A couple of texts later, and a few bites on her plate, I finally arrived. Apologized for my tardiness, greeted her a belated happy birthday and then we started chatting and catching up.

She ordered the Chili Cheese Fries. - P325.00
I can't remember the last time I had this good of a Chili Cheese Fries. It had this distinct taste that makes it taste so good. There must be some kind of seasoning or the skin of the potato and how it was deep fried, I don't know but it was good. It was topped with spicy chili, warm cheese sauce, pico de gallo and also Cajun sour cream.

Fridays - Chili Cheese Fries
We also had this good Quesadilla and the Red Pepper Sausage and Chicken Penne - P495.00
TGIFridays - Quesadilla
TGIFridays - Red Pepper Sausage and Chicken Penne
The pasta was something that I can eat any time of the day. It was filling, I love the taste of the sausage and the al dente penne pasta. I was happy with the food that we had. Now if you want to know what really happened during the the said 'meet-up', click here to read more about the woman I almost stood up. :)

The SM MOA Sweet Eats is a promotion of Mall of Asia where participating tenants are offering sweet treats or special items during this love month. For example, TGIFridays is offering the Jack Daniel's Teddy Bear for only P250 with every Jack Daniel Steak order. How about that? :)

There's no other place you can celebrate your Valentine's Day other than at Fridays. Celebration now is more perfect because there's also the Pyrolympics that's happening on Valentine's weekend.

Read about this new dessert place we visited after this dinner. Cookie Dream.

For more information on the #MOASweetEats follow them on social media. Twitter: @TheMallofAsia.  Instagram: @TheMallofAsiaOfficial. Facebook: facebook/smmallofasia.

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