NIVEA MEN helps with Guys Everyday #Diskarte


NIVEA MEN helps guys unlock their everyday #Diskarte

Stuck in a tight situation? Need to make a quick but tricky decision? NIVEA MEN unlocks guys’ #Diskarte to face everyday as it introduces the newest range of products designed for today’s quick-thinking males. For these men, #Diskarte is the operative word, underlining the Pinoy’s ability to get through any situation, find ways to respond to curveballs that life may throw and still come out looking and feeling fresh, cool and definitely well-groomed.

“NIVEA MEN products address the concerns of today’s dynamic men, answering their unique needs through products that work to boost their #Diskarte. We believe looking and feeling fresh gives confidence which is the first step in unlocking every man’s potential to achieve and overcome challenges. That’s where #Diskarte begins,” explained Konstantin Stremme, Country Manager for Beiersdorf Philippines.

#Diskarte starts with great protection from sweat and odor
All men inevitably get in a sticky situation. Sometimes sweat is caused by stress, like being nervous about a hot date or an impossible deadline at work. Sweat is also inevitable when you’re rushing to check off your to-do list during the day or you get called to an emergency meeting that you urgently have to prepare for. 

Unlock your everyday #Diskarte by taking a NIVEA MEN Anti-Perspirant roll-on or a Deo Spray to get you through those sweat-inducing moments during the day. Depending on your lifestyle needs, choose the right NIVEA MEN Deodorant for you—the NIVEA MEN Invisible for Black and White helps your black clothes stay black and your white clothes stay white for longer, the NIVEA MEN Silver Protect gives the ultimate protection thanks to its silver molecules, while the NIVEA MEN Whitening Deo not only controls sweat, body odor and gives long-lasting dryness, but also renews skin and reduces accumulated underarm dullness.

#Diskarte starts with skin that feels and looks fresh
Dull or oily facial skin can make you feel less confident to literally face what the day has to bring. More so if you have acne or acne scars. Dry skin on your body can be irritating and can take your mind off of what really matters. All these can hurt your #Diskarte.

But skincare with NIVEA MEN can be so easy because NIVEA MEN has cleansing and moisturizing products for every skin type and needs. For example, the NIVEA MEN Extra Whitening Facial Foam Pore Minimizer not only reduces excess dirt and oil, it also helps to brighten and even out skin tone. 

After cleansing, use a moisturizer that fits you, like the NIVEA MEN Extra Whitening Moisturiser Pore Minimizer SPF30 that stimulates skin regeneration and protects against sun damage or NIVEA MEN Anti-Aging Q10 Moisture Gel that also fights visible signs of stress and aging. 

To achieve skin that looks brighter and feels hydrated, apply NIVEA MEN Whitening Cell Repair & Protect Lotion on your body. This provides the #Diskarte to do away with uneven skin, thanks to its mild and fast-absorbing whitening formula.

There’s also the new NIVEA MEN Anti-Acne Brightening Mud Serum Foam which contains carefully selected active mineral powder from Japanese Fuji Volcanic Mud. Unlike most mud washes, NIVEA’s innovative Mud Serum Foam is more fluid and spreads over the face with ease. It goes deeper into pores to unclog impurities. With these products, you can put your game face on at any situation during the day.

Your lips also get a good workout throughout the day and yet they’re often neglected. It’s important to keep them hydrated and protected with a good product such as NIVEA MEN Active Care, which contains intensive moisturizers and reparative ingredients like Vitamin E and Hop Extracts.

#Diskarte starts with a good, smooth shave.
While beards might be trendy these days, looking too scruffy or untidy could make you look less than your most impressive self. It also shows that you did not take time to prepare for the day, which would be problematic especially at work. It’s important that you control the shape and length of your fuzz in order to maintain the right image. A beard that is too unkempt and full can make your #Diskarte fall flat. 

Use NIVEA MEN Extra Moisturising Shaving Foam if your skin tends to be dry and easily irritated by shaving or NIVEA MEN Extreme Comfort Shaving Gel if you’re looking for an extra close shave with less irritation.

Those growing a beard for the first time might notice that it can get rather itchy in the early stages. Use a moisturizing gel like NIVEA MEN’s Multi Effect 8 Moisture Gel to help allay that ‘scratchy’ feeling and hydrate the underlying skin. Crucially, the gel formula won’t leave an unsightly residue on your barb.

When it comes to grooming, the wide range of NIVEA MEN skincare products is with no doubt the Pinoy guy’s ultimate wingman and trusted partner to boost the everyday #Diskarte he needs. For more information on NIVEA MEN, visit .

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