Made In Candy Philippines Opens their newest branch in Mall of Asia


This may or may not be the rock that your girlfriend wanted but it is good and sweet enough for this Valentine's season. These custom made candies made its way from Singapore. What started out as an obsession to candy, it is now becoming an art and passion. This candy kitchen in Mall of Asia Entertainment Hall is sculpting authentic hand-made candies catering to the different needs and design requirements of customers who walks inside the candy haven.

Being a 'Candyman' is not easy. It requires passion, creativity and a whole lot of muscle in making a rock candy. Even though I've seen the process and the way that they make it, I am still amazed by how each candy is made up in detail.

This Valentine's season, Made in Candy made limited editions of Valentines Rock. It comes in different sizes of jars. Price range would be around a hundred pesos depends on the quantity.

They say that you can also customize the candies. Usually, it is given our on wedding, birthdays or corporate giveaways. Price range for that would be around P 11,000. A bit pricey but it's worth it.

You can also go for the resealable packets for easy carry travel packs. If you're wondering on the taste of the different candies, just ask the friendly staff, they have some for you to try.

Now after having your loved ones taste this Rock Candy, they might not go back to their usual candy brands. These are addicting and taste really nice. These little sugar rock candies are perfect for any occasion any time of the day.

Visit their newest branch located at the 1st floor Entertainment Mall SM MOA. Contact them: (02)866 56 24; 0920.964 90 76 Email them at

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