Honor 6 Smarphone For The Brave


Check it out! This came in the mail and I am just psyched with this phone! A few key features of this is its Octo-core Kirin 920 CPU, it's 5-inch Full HD screen with Android 4.4.2. Whew! Anyway, let's move on.

Looking at the box, it is simple, it is blue (I don't know why) maybe to create a refreshing feel. It looks minimal having a sleek effect.

I got to play with it first to test the how it feels on my hand. It had the right size but I think it was a bit slippery for me. (Too sleek!)

Looking at the hardware, it is much simpler than other Honor brands before. It has a high-end feel and you'd be surprised that the Honor series is associated with the Huawei phones. (That's right). It has a similar look & feel with some other known smartphones out there. (I'm not complaining)

The phone is completely flat front and back. Gorilla Glass 3 in front and a shiny 'faux glass' plastic at the back. It is really shiny and it can easily get smudges and light scratches if you're the type who doesn't put cases on their phones. We would advise that you might want to consider using the protector that comes in the box or buy a decent case. 

The nice simple sides are also plastic. Cleverly designed with class, Honor was able to put decent ports and flaps for the Micro-SIM and MicroSD slots.

On top, you can see is an IR transmitter. Even though there's no remote control app installed, you can download some at the Play Store. Top of the phone also has a socket for your headphones. 3.5mm jack.

Micro-USB slot at the botteom and mic.

I tell you, this HONOR 6 is really something of amazing. It's like having the experience of the two major smartphone players into this phone! and with its price tag. I assure you, it's a bargain! 

Now just look at that display.... So gorgeous! :) You can get the Honor 6 in black or white. They both look attractive I tell you. If you want really good value in its price range, this is the one for you. :)

As for the camera, rear is packed with 15-megapixel camera with flash. and would you belive, the front camera is 5-megapixel. Now here's something for the selfie addicts there. :)

Check out photos I took using the Honor 6 here.

Here's whats inside the box! :)

Now here are the specs. :)

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