Dentisté Mystery Box Spotted at BGC!


I received an invite and invited me to this unveiling on what this Mystery Box in BGC is doing there. Suddenly appearing in infront of Fully Booked. I was curious so I headed there. People was looking at it like it was a gift that is just waiting to be opened. Heck when I was there I wanted to open it.

The name Dentisté was on the box so I figured it must be some kind of product related to dental and taking care of your teeth. I was interested and there I was, waiting on what's going to happen with that box.

As we were gathered around the box, someone from Dentisté welcomed us and told us bit of information on what the brand is about. Dentisté is and oral care line that offers amazing results for you and for your loved ones. Why do I say loved ones? Well, that is the positioning of Dentisté toothpaste. Making sure that you have fresh breath when you wake up with your loved ones.

Dentisté Premium Night Time Toothpaste is the world's first and only natural night time toothpaste blended with 14 kinds of natural extracts like Eucalyptus, Salvia, cinnamon, chamomile, Xylitol, CDX (Cyclodextrin Complex) and others. It inhibits nighttime bacteria, reduces plaque, promotes strong and healthy gums. The toothpaste also has an intensive whitening treatment. The perfect toothpaste for couple and everyone who wants to wake up with their breath fresh!

After a few minutes, the box was unveiled and a couple inside the box was kissing. Sharing the idea to everyone and every couple out there how Dentisté can help spark and improve these special moments by having a fresh breath.

The Dentisté Kiss box was there from February 13-15 just in time for the season of hearts, Dentisté shared the shadow box to everyone, couples, families and friends who would like to share their moments. 

And just to share, I personally like their toothpaste and their mouth wash. If you want see the other photos submitted by those who went inside the box, check out their Facebook page. DentisteToothpastePhilippines

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