Hale launches much-awaited comeback single exclusively on Spotify


· Dubbed as ‘the most awaited OPM comeback of 2015’, one of the country’s biggest alternative rock bands returns after five-year hiatus
· Hale returns to the Pinoy music scene with their brand new single, See You, from their upcoming fifth album
· See You is available exclusively on Spotify from 27th January to 2nd February

In 2010, Hale released their last single after years of ruling the Pinoy airwaves. Fast forward to 2015, Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming service, brings to OPM fans the biggest comeback of 2015 with Hale’s brand new single, See You. The single, from the band’s upcoming fifth album, is available exclusively on Spotify from 27 January – 2 February 2015.

A quick run down memory lane confirms that 2010 has indeed been a while. On the year that alternative rock band Hale last released a single, the late Steve Jobs has just unveiled Apple’sfirst revolutionary device, the iPad, and Prince William melted girls’ hearts all over the world when he proposed to his then-girlfriend Kate Middleton. Who can also forget that it was the same year the whole Philippines rejoiced and celebrated with Venus Raj as she was awarded 5th place in Miss Universe?

The last five yearsmake Hale’s recent comeback more exciting than ever. The long wait is over as the band, led by frontman Champ Lui-Piounveil their brand new sound on Spotify.

“We are incredibly excited to be welcoming Hale back to the OPM scene after their five-year hiatus,” shares SunitaKaur, Managing Director (Asia), Spotify. “We are thrilled to bring Hale’s brand new sound as we continue to support the OPM industry and delight Pinoy music fans.”

"On our last album, there weren't any streaming services available. With this comeback we want to have a mindset of a new band, starting over with a different sound. We're excited to try new things specially launching with a platform like Spotify." shares Champ Lui-Pio.

Check out Hale’snewest single “See You” hereand follow them on Spotifyhere.

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