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Filipino designer Jeffrey Rogador collaborates with McJim Classic Leather in a series of fashion shows

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McJim Classic Leather, an iconic gentlemen’s label that is loved by many, partnered with fashion designer Jeffrey Rogador at the Mercedes Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week show held last October in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The tandem’s overseas stint was followed by another presentation at the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week 2014. The highly successful collaboration brought to the fore McJim Classic Leather’s exceptional quality and functionality.

“McJim Classic Leather is always proud to support global artists like Jeffrey Rogador. We have a long-standing program that champions and celebrates the best that the Filipino can offer. This started years ago with world-class balladeer and composer Jose Mari Chan,” Bernadette Chang, McJim Classic Leather’s Marketing Head, affirms. 

“As a Filipino label, McJim strongly upholds such values of excellence in bringing originality and Pinoy craftsmanship to the global stage. Today, we support the likes of singer, actor, and theatre performer Christian Bautista.” 

Catering to the metropolitan lifestyle of contemporary Filipino men, McJim’s vision of promoting home-grown talents and helping them to achieve world class status is shared by Rogador, especially in his new line of creations. 

The fashion designer kick-started his career as a finalist at MEGA Magazine’s Young Designers Competition (6th edition) in 2004. Since then, Rogador joined the “A list” of the Philippine fashion industry, dressing up celebrities and socialites. 

An international awardee and winner of the denim design competition JEANSATION 2, Rogador was proclaimed the best jeans designer at an event held in Monte Carlo, Monaco, in 2012. He has also been a regular featured designer at the Philippine Fashion Week, showcasing two collections a year since 2007. 

In the same token, McJim has always been at the forefront of promoting a strong sense of culture and style among Filipino men. The brand also makes an effort to fuse classic styling into modern-day fashion in order to appeal to the digital age market.

McJim’s aspiration for keeping abreast of global trends and modern-day fashion resonates with the updated clothes that Rogador showcased in both fashion shows.

“I believe McJim Classic Leather products suit the items in my collection with its urban lifestyle concepts. Most are functional and of good quality, seamlessly blending with the style I want,” Rogador states.

McJim has always been committed to creating original leather products, its world-class quality at par with those of global brands in terms of style and quality. 

McJim likewise supports Filipino artists, who, like the company’s products, can stand tall alongside international talents. Because of this, McJim considers as its mission and legacy to be a staunch supporter of numerous noteworthy causes that lift Filipino talents internationally. Among the projects that promote this cause is the Original Pinoy Music movement, Dreams Get Real, which helps aspiring artists thrive in the competitive music industry.

The brand’s collaboration with a conceptual artist like Rogador is its latest effort to help Filipino fashion designers shine in the international arena.

“I value our roots and heritage. McJim Classic Leather, having been in the industry for forty years, deserves to be endorsed and embraced by the younger generation,” Rogador enthuses.

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