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Introducing Globe Charge: A new and exciting way to enhance your business!

By November 24, 2014 , , , ,

Globe Charge is a wonderful new solution that lets you accept MasterCard and Visa (available soon) credit and debit card payments via smartphone or tablets! Now, you can take in more payment options, more customers, and more business. No more need to apply for a credit card terminal from your bank.

Let Globe help you grow, and make your business great. Take the next step to growing your business: Globe Charge!

Globe Charge has 3 key components:
1. Globe Charge Mobile Card Reader – Available for a one-time payment of Php 999.00, or discounted via phone bundle
2. Globe Charge mobile app – Downloadable FREE of charge from the App Store or Google Play
3. Globe Charge merchant account – Created via the Globe Charge mobile app, FREE of charge, with no recurring fees

Globe has 4 key benefits that make it perfect for your business:

1. Get started right away and accept local and international MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards
2. Enjoy better rates and deals compared to banks
3. Receive the settlement as early as the next banking day
4. Connect via WIFI or via mobile data for free using a Globe/TM SIM

It can be purchased from select Globe Stores within Metro Manila. Accreditation as a Globe Charge merchant takes place within 7 business days, after a face-to-face validation with a Globe representative called the Know-Your-Merchant (KYM) Process.

To know more, visit, or email

Check out the Globe Charge Testimonial Video below.

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