UNOde50 in 2014 Philippine Fashion Week!


UNOde50, a brand I'm quite familiar with heated up the runway with their fine collection of accessories and jewelries. UNOde50 was founded in the late 1990's by a group of designers who decided to establish a brand of fashion jewelry and accessories that would break all existing molds.

The project was based on creating pieces with a unique distinctive style, which soon became known for their flair and innovation, and that's what UNOde50 did on the runway. 

They had a Forest themed collection which is inspired by the colors of nature. The leaves, fruits and seeds. The pieces reflects the seasons change from fall to winter.

The brand started out with the original philosophy of creative exclusively 50 units of each design, thereby supplying the brand's name. This unorthodox approach soon proved to be an unqualified success.

Next line is their silver plated collection in organic shapes and the intimacy line which is shaped as keys and hearts of different sizes.

Over time, UNOde50's production and family have grown; although the name has remained the same to remind us, just like on the very first day, that the quality and exclusiveness of each piece is UNOde50's main priority.

The brand also has a couple design and accessories for men. 

For more information on the brand, check out their site!

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