- The 60-minute special which premieres on Saturday, November 8 at 8 PM revisits Tacloban months after it is pummelled by one of history’s most intense storms - 

On the first anniversary of typhoon Haiyan, Discovery Channel – in partnership with Filipino documentary makers, Caelestis Productions Inc. – returns to Tacloban to uncover and honor the heroic human effort undertaken to rebuild the storm-ravaged city and the surrounding islands in an exclusive 60-minute documentary. 

HAIYAN: AFTER THE MEGASTORM, hosted by Filipino-British television presenter and actor Trey Farley, will premiere in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia on Saturday, November 8 at 8:00 p.m. on Discovery Channel. 

In the early morning of November 8, 2013, mega-typhoon Haiyan tore through central Philippines, wreaking havoc across the country and causing widespread devastation. The sheer magnitude of the super storm was unprecedented, and the scale of damage it left in its wake was shocking. Haiyan left thousands dead, cities flattened, crops ruined and a clean-up operation that will last for years. 

HAIYAN: AFTER THE MEGASTORM picks up seven months after Haiyan’s deadly wrath, with Trey returning to his native country to examine the typhoon’s impact on Tacloban, the worst-hit city, what is being done to pick up the pieces and how fellow Filipinos are coping with the aftermath. Tacloban still bears the indelible scars of Haiyan’s destructive path with evidence of it everywhere; the Daniel Z. Romualdez airport has only been partially rebuilt, and much of the city is still on the road to recovery. HAIYAN: AFTER THE MEGASTORM goes behind the scenes to gain unique insight into the current situation. 

In HAIYAN: AFTER THE MEGASTORM, the Mayor of Tacloban, Alfred S. Romualdez takes host Trey on an up-close inspection of the incredible destruction. They board a grounded cargo ship that remains manned by the stranded crew to this day, and visit a temporary burial site where thousands of bodies had to be identified before being exhumed for placement in permanent graves later. Trey also stops at a school that remains eerily frozen in time after being completely gutted by the typhoon’s storm surge, which was fuelled by winds that reached an average of 195 mph (310 kmph). The program also visits a healing camp where affected children are being taught to forget what they have experienced, and to begin to trust the ocean again. 

Tacloban’s recovery has been arduous and reconstruction is still underway, but it is beginning to move forward. HAIYAN: AFTER THE MEGASTORM uncovers everything that is being done – from the ongoing harrowing aspect of corpse management, to keeping the local airport open as a lifeline in conjunction with the U.S. military, to reconnecting power, helping survivors cope with the emotional trauma of the disaster and the pain of loss, clearing the countless number of downed coconut trees and logging the remaining dead trees to prevent infestation, and preparing for the next possible megastorm. 

HAIYAN: AFTER THE MEGASTORM encores on Sunday, November 9 at 10:00 a.m., 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. HAIYAN: AFTER THE MEGASTORM was executive produced by Emile Guertin for Discovery Channel, and Sally Jo Bellosillo and Renato Romero for Caelestis Productions Inc.

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