ThinkPad 8 - Boost Business Mobility with a Tablet that Thinks For You

In its continuing quest for product quality and innovation, Lenovo has once again upped the ante in business technology with the ThinkPad 8 tablet, a nifty working device that has been pre-loaded with powerful Think-quality PC capabilities which are unique to the Think heritage. With its well-constructed design, impressive 1900x1200 pixel display, and a Windows 8.1 operating system that supports mobile computing, the phenomenal ThinkPad 8 blends superior performance while upholding the Think tradition in a stylish and portable package without depriving users of the full PC experience.

“The ThinkPad 8, another state-of-the-art creation that reflects Lenovo’s commitment to developing innovative and highly-differentiated devices, is a clear choice for busy professionals who value portability and productivity in the age of mobility. Having garnered 11 awards at the recent CES 2014, the ThinkPad 8 builds on Lenovo’s long history of craftsmanship and addresses technical complications faced by most tablet-using business professionals, with its cutting-edge speed, battery life and powerful features,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.

Great battery life to power up the on-the-go professionals
Today’s busy professionals can enjoy the mobility of a capable tablet that weighs less than 0.5 kg. The ThinkPad 8’s multi-mode features allow business users to easily shift to and from tent, laptop, tablet and desktop modes which adapt to different workplace requirements eliminating the need to pack different devices while travelling. With a battery life that lasts up to eight hours on a single battery charge, the ThinkPad 8 spares professionals from searching for power sockets whenever their devices die on them while they are on the move.

Compact, sleek, and secure
The lightweight ThinkPad 8 can easily be converted into a PC via a USB 3.0 dock or monitor, enabling the user to create content effortlessly. With additional features like TPM 2.0, Mobile Device Management, Workplace Join, and an auto-triggered VPN function, the ThinkPad 8 offers enhanced security levels, so that professionals do not have to worry about data safety.

In addition, the optional Quickshot cover specially designed for the ThinkPad 8 makes photo-taking a breeze as the MP camera is quickly activated with a swift flick of the innovative corner flap. The cover can also prop the device up to provide better viewing angles for visuals and video calls.

A full PC experience that fits into the business professionals’ palm
Fully furnished with the Windows operating system, Office Suite, and a fast quad-core processor, the ThinkPad 8 supports multi-tasking, allowing business professionals to simultaneously work across multiple applications effectively. For an added productivity boost, users can also hook the tablet up with two monitors while in desktop mode and run separate programs on both screens.

The ThinkPad 8 is available at Lenovo Exclusive Stores, SM North EDSA Think Exclusive Store, and Lenovo Corporate Resellers nationwide, at a suggest retail price of Php25,490.

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