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Myke Soon Skater Boy

By September 08, 2014 , , , , ,

Don't get your hopes up. I'm not that good. The passion was reignited during the Globe Slipstream event in BGC when Azrael of brought his penny skateboard and I started playing around with it while waiting for Marlon Stockinger's exhibition.

I used to own two kinds of skateboard when I was young. I remember getting bumps and bruises playing around with it. I remember the first board I used was heavy made up mostly with plastic, wood and was clunky. I ditched that. After 8 years, I got a second board. The one I got was mostly wood. The type that skaters use for trick and half pipes. Then I went to college and stopped. 

I am now in my mid-life, working, married and thinking of playing around with the board again. When I first tried Az's board it was familiar but at the same time different. It was smaller, a bit more shaky and was harder to manage. As you can see. I look stupid riding that thing.

Trip, slipped and fell down so many times that I can remember. But I had fun. Watching me skate is like a limping cat, slipping on a pile of puke and eventually falling face first.. wait cat is too cute... make it a goat.

Check out Ron also trying it out and Az simply gliding.

A few days after the event I came across an Instagram page while I was looking for some penny boards.

I saw their 22 inches Penny board colors I thought the colors were cool. Retro Cruiser Series.

They also have it in 27inches Retro Cruiser.

They actually have more items to sell and not just skateboards. They also have this really cool Nutcase Helmets - "I Love My Brain". I feeling that Hazard one and the eight ball, also the watermelon looks nice. :)

I plan to get one of their 22 x 5.6 inch Penny board. Maybe the Chaser Cloud 9 Series. Based on what I read, the series is Faster and Smoother. Just look at that black one. So pogi!

I will update you on my purchase and skating career. Wish me luck! If something happens to me, blame Azrael for letting me try skateboarding again.

You can get a speed fix at these Chaser locations in the metro. Chaser Market! Market! Taguig, Chaser Gateway Mall Cubao, Hobbes and Landes Rockwell, Promenade, Greenbelt 5. or you may connect with on on their Facebook page.

Photos courtesy of Azrael from

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