Lock and Lock's newest cookware and glassware line.


Lock & Lock made a huge impact when it first launch and changed how we seal and how we transport our food. The global brand famous for their airtight containers now have more innovative products for us Filipinos. This time they are launching their cookware and glassware lines.

The cookware & glassware line offers a wide array of products suited to different cooking & presentation needs. What sets this line apart is that all the products are made of top class materials that promises durability, corrosion-resistance, constant brilliance, and long lasting non-stick coating for its cookware. 

Ms. Annie Chua - VP for Marketing - Lock & Lock
Ms. Annie Chua welcomed the media and shared her excitement on the new products that they will be launching the new lines. She shared that aside from the high quality materials used in their new products, they thought of the users in mind. Making sure that their products are safe. 

Their CookPlus line is perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) free, which is a man-made chemical not naturally present in the environment. Most non-stick cookware have this chemical for better cooking quality. But then this PFOA is transferred to our food which puts our health as risk. The Lock & Lock's CookPlus line found an innovative way to remove the chemical from their CookPlus line while still providing quality cooking experience. 

However, PFOA is transferred from the cookware to food, which puts people’s health at risk. Lock & Lock’s CookPlus line has found an innovative way to remove this chemical from its products while still providing its users quality cooking experience.

The other item that they launched is their Lock & Lock Glass Line. Still airtight but this time it's glass! It's in a way beautiful and such nice to have at home. I can serve food using the L&L Glass line, put it on the fridge when I'm done and if I want to heat it, I can just pop it in the microwave or oven and serve it again. So convenient! The glass is made from borosilicate glass. It makes the product more durable and able to withstand varying temperatures. 

Check out the rubber that makes it airtight. My usual concern for this is food gets inside the rubber and you'd need to remove it and put it back in. I guess there's no way around that. :)

During the event, there was also a quick cooking demo by the corporate chef of Raintree Restaurant Group Chef Kalel Chan using Lock & Lock's Cookware line.

Chef shared that now only are the cookwares light, but it also cooks the food faster when cooking and in effect saving gas consumption.

Voila! Chef's finished product. Around 5-7 minutes per dish. 

There was also a cookoff for the bloggers who attended. Meet the contenders! Judged by Chef Kalel himself, he liked Ruth's eggs better. Hehehe Cors no one was a loser. They both took home Lock & Lock Glassware. Congrats Lou and Ruth! :)

Anyways, the cooling line that I liked it are the ones tat are light, black with yellow handles. Check them out.
They say that the yellow rubber part there is heat resistant. Now how about that? :)

Ms. Chua shares: “Lock & Lock’s movement to go beyond containers and offering quality cookware and glassware is our response in recognizing the other food-related needs of Filipinos. Through our products, we not just offer products that are of high quality, but products that can make the cooking and eating experience a more convenient, healthy, and safe event for the Filipino family,”

More photos of the event below

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