Lenovo Launches Affordable PCs.


Lenovo has just launched their newest PC for the year. Set to target every consumer, may it be for family use, for entertainment or for all around. The products are Lenovo H500s, Lenovo C260 and the Lenovo G40 & Lenovo G50.

Before the short media briefing, they scheduled us for Breakout Manila. Part of the challenge, we were able to make use of Lenovo products as part of the clues to get out. Will soon post about my experience of BreakoutManila here.

Promised that the latest Lenovo products are all packed with powerful features in space-saving and compact forms, each of the new products stands out on their own. Each product has amazing craftsmanship and innovation built-in to their product’s DNA. 

Mr. Jerry Dy who is the Consumer Lead for Lenovo Philippines welcomed the guests and shares their excitement that they are launching the new product. Mr. DY also shared what Lenovo aims. “We aim to offer products that address customers’ performance requirements but at price points that are within their reach," Now we like that sound of that... price points within our reach..  They also mentioned that their three new items comes with the pre-installed Windows 8.1 with lots of its latest features. 

First up is the Lenovo H500s.
The Lenovo H500s starts at P 15,490 (CPU only). Price vary on the specific requirements should you wish to add to your CPU. It features a high storage and amazing entertainment feature. You can easily connect it to larger screens using the HDMI-out ports.

The AccuType keyboard is a nice feature on the board which has an individual keys for a more accurate and comfortable typing. PC users also have an option to add integrated wifi into the CPU and add touch pad should they will. (These entail additional charges on the SRP) This is the perfect PC for the family at home or for office needs,

Next is the Lenovo C260 which is the All-around Family Gadget. 

One nice feature about this one is the Lenovo Dynamic Brightness System automatically adjusts screen brightness based on the user's surroundings. It saves space on your table as it is thin and the AccuType keyboard easily fit right under the screen. It has a unique aluminum stand really sleek looking

The C260 has a stunning 19.5 inch HD LED display. Great for watching video and movies. It has
 up to the 4th generation Intel Core i3 processors and can support up to 2GB of NVIDIA GeForce 635 graphics. Perfect for a powerful gaming session. :) Starting price for this one is P 23,5000.00.

Last is their Lenovo G40 & G50.
Powered by Intel and AMD processors, the 14-inch Lenovo offers faster response time. It's good at multitasking as it can support a diverse of work requirements like checking emails, creating presentations, reviewing reports and other. 

It has a1366 x 768 HD LED display and can also double as a portable entertainment machine.

Here's a basic breakdown of the price on their laptops.
G40-30   P 16,995.00
G50-60   P 17,495.00

G40-45  P 16,995.00 (Running on AMD)
G50-45  P 28,995.00 (Running on AMD)

G40-70  P 21,995.00 
G50-70  P 42,995.00 

Indeed Lenovo PCs set the bar for quality, design and speed. The new products are now readily available in the market. Additional info is that the hard drives of these PCs has a minimum size of 500GB. It you want a bigger space, you would have to pay a little extra. As for the warranty and service, The H500s and the C260 has an on site warranty meaning, technicians can go to your house/office if the PC is broken to check or replace parts. As for the laptop Lenovo G40, you would have to bring it at their service centers if you want it to be repaired.

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