Eat Out Manila Redefines Restaurant Reservation


People are dining out more these days. They are now busier and can't find the time to cook. That is why sometimes, it's easier for them to just dine out. Even when there's a lot of restaurant options, it's still difficult to get reservations in these new & hip places in the city. Securing the number and calling them takes effort in searching, calling them and reserving a table via telephone call is sometimes stressful and time consuming. Imagine doing all that using your mobile smartphone in less than 5 minutes?

There's a new app right now in the market that does just that. EatOutManila is this innivative app that offers a brand new experience of dining out in the metro. Reserve a table of your choice, anytime & anywhere.

The EatOutManila aoo is clean & smooth looking. You can easily browse for restaurants listed alphabetically and also search for one nearest to you. Inaki Lamata is one of the founders and said that they are close to a 100 outlet partners already. Some of them are new establishments such as Rambla, Lulu, Vyne, The Glass Door and Las Flores among its growing list of sought-after restaurants along with long-time favorites Abe, Crisostomo, Mango Tree, and Murray and D'vine.

Inaki Lamata
"The motivation behind this app springs from personal experience. With the growing list of things you can do remotely through your mobile phone, we thought it's about time we had something for the table reservations from which a food-loving country such as the Philippines will greatly benefit" added Inaki

Aside from hassle-free table reservation, Eat Out Manila also offers exclusive deals to its valued app users. Discounts, gift certificates, and freebies from top-notch restaurants await the lucky foodies who will be booking a reservation at any of Eat Out Manila's partner establishments.

For the restaurant owners, Eat Out Manila is providing them with a better way of managing restaurant reservations and ensuring the convenience of their clientele. Eat Out Manila's aim is to be a major splutions provider and partner in the ever growing and dynamic culture in the Philippines said Lamata.

Here are some questions I asked the people of Eat Out Manila for Business owners.

What is the protection of the restaurants when customers who reserve doesn't show up?
Customers who does not show up will be given a warning and when they don't show up for the 3rd time, they will be blocked for 6 - 12 months. 

Will there be customer service?
The account managers will be the one handling the accounts of these restaurants. There will also be a tech support assigned for each restaurant who is part of Eat Out Manila.

Are there advertising support for restaurant partners?
Aside from FB page and our website, we will also promote on some selected satellite areas and also partner up with various lifestyle brands for further promotion of the Eat Out Manila app.

Is there a lock out with deal with restaurant partners?
No. We believe in our brand and we think that this will help brands in their business.

Is the app free for diners and customers to try?

Is there a free for restaurants who want to be a part of Eat Out Manila's listing?
Yes. We have two basic package. Package 1 is P 1,000 but has some limited features. 
Their PRO package costs P 1,500 which can give business owners with around 33 reports. Both of the package include a text blast and email blast function.

What's next for Eat Out Manila?
Our continuous goal is to strengthen and negotiate the best deal via our reservation app.

The App is initially available through the Apple store and soon to be available in Android. The app is so easy to use and so convenient. Users can register via providing their details or logging in via Facebook. Users also have the option of accessing Eat Out Manila via its web-based interface at

So, to foodies out there can now ditch long lines and hours of waiting outside restaurants by booking a table at their preferred time and date. Customers can book now by visiting www.eatoutmanila or downloading the app from iTunes store. For more updates on latest promo, visit their Facebook page and Instagram account @EatOutManilaPH

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